Phill McMahon

Interesting to see former Setanta hurler Philly Mc Mahon being appointed strength and conditioning coach for the Dublin Camogie squad. Looks like a good appointment and great to see the footballers get involved with the small ball.


He’s earned his S&C stripes with Shels/Shamrock Rovers, so it’s not just about a footballer giving them a dig out.


Are you trying to upset @Rochey :sob::sob:. He looked after Camogie u16’s team for S & C few years back. Hopefully bring girls to next level.


I’m married with a few kids. D’internet is too late, I’m already upset!

Best of luck to Philly. Hope he can bring Dublin camogie up a level and help bring success.


Clearly I only follow the celeb footballers :joy::joy::joy:

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Didn’t know that… It’s good to have a diverse sporting experience, even if it is with two brutal clubs. Come on the Pats!

He isn’t strength and conditioning coach. They will be just using his gym. Dublin juniors have been using there the last two years so they have decided to go all in with Philly.

Some very good classes there. Would highly recommend it for anyone

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I wonder why Herity resigned :thinking::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

A strange quote for a chairperson to say that the executive identified a weakness identified a weakness in S&C


“the Dublin executive have decided to put a structure in place where strength and conditioning is paramount in our training”

Good to see such excellent fitness support but I would have thought that hurling skill and ball work is what Dublin camogie need to prioiritse.

Of all the Dublin players…I’ve always liked Philly McMahon the most.

Maybe it’s the roguishness about him.

Read some interviews with him - really interesting person, background and what he’s become. A real credit to his family and community.

Hope he does well in the new role.


A decision that is going down like proverbial lead balloon with players

Good that they gave it a go before making up their minds on it …

Based on what?

Based on his involvement with the Dublin juniors in 2018…

I believe there was a heated county board meeting Monday gone by

One woukd presume also based on Herity walking over the appointment and obvious player Mr loyalty.

I’m not saying who is right or wrong just highlighting it’s not a smooth appointment

That’s easy for you to say …


Fixed the typing i hope

Did they not win their All Ireland?

They did but it doesn’t mean players were satisfied with S&C, whereas no dissatisfaction has appeared 're the rest of the Shane Plowman backroom team