Philly retires

Best of luck Philly – 8 All ireland Medals and on pitch at end for all of them i think. Some career.


Culchies hated him but would have loved him in their starting 15 .


2015 in the rain probably his finest day.


The Man
The Legend
Our hero

Thank you Philly

Philly’s statement below


Some man for one man - thanks for the memories Philly - and used his profile and platform to improve things as well - maith an fear


Ah Philly. This one genuinely hurts. Had more cajones in his little finger back in 2015, than all of Mayo and Kerry put together.

Always got the sense that while Kerry acknowledged we had some fine footballers, yer Berno’s, yer Dermo’s etc etc. They never really respected us until Philly began putting his mark on matches too…or someones face ! :laughing:


Thank you Philly, you absolute legend!

I think we’re down to just two players from the 2011 squad.

Mick Fitz and James Mc.

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Soft spot for Philly. Superb servant and leader for Dublin. Brought the strength that reinforced the steel. Yeah culchie land hated him but wished to ■■■■ they had him. Apparently he was so strong, the energy and wind generated by his head movement knocked over a 6ft 4” Mayoman.

As said here already his greatest moment was nullifying one of the greatest in the pissing rain. He got the job done. Always think the clearance of the line from Armagh in 2010 was one of those small moments that help and led to us 2011 and owning the decade…

Enjoy the retirement Philly.


Another leader gone from the group.

What a player though :large_blue_circle::white_circle:


We’ll be doing well to see a collection of players like this again


Indeed. We got the perfect storm of players. Philly at his pomp him and duirmo where the two boys you would go over the top with. They just didn’t give a ■■■■.

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A super person on and off the field - he always left everything on the field and gave 110% - enjoy the retirement Philly - you will be missed!


best of luck Philly

Another legend gone. Just thinking as each player steps down the completely different characters that were in that team but how they all blended together into the greatest bunch of players of all time.

Philly was a huge presence in the team – as @JJF says, someone to go to war with. Loved to get on the scoresheet too and got some vital ones – incl a killer goal v Mayo in the 2015 semi and a wee point in the Final. His scores and passes with that outside of the boot shot are memorable … the ones that worked anyway. Was never one to shirk a challenge, won the dirty ball and drove those around him by example. Two Championships with Ballymun too – and a Leinster – great haul.

I read his book and could identify with much of it – it is not so much a sports book as one of social commentary and is well worth a read in that regard.

Thanks for the many memories Philly and every good wish to you going forward.


Tougher one to take than the other retirements. Philly is a legend, and a true Warrior, both on and off the field.

You’ll be missed Philly, thanks for the memories.


Good luck Philly. Enjoy your retirement. It’s well deserved .

2011 – Used sub in Final
2013, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 – started all finals and replays
2019 used sub in finals
2020 Used sub

He was at his all round best between 2013 and 2016 where he really was excellent for us before losing a step in the latter years.

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Always felt in the early days Philly could be a liability at times, always on the edge. Once the management got the discipline into him he turned into one of the finest defenders, indeed footballers of his generation. A great character and leader in a team of leaders. The Choice is a great read and gives an insight into a man you can identify with and feel off the pitch. No doubt whatever he does in his IC retirement will be a success because he doesn’t know how to not succeed.


Laochra Gael.
Laochra Ath Cliath.