Pitch Check 2022

Decided to create a new topic to post pitch availablity for the season.
All Pitches in the SDCC area for W/E 5th/6th March 2022 are PLAYABLE subject to referee’s inspection,

Except for the following which are UNPLAYABLE.

  • Willsbrook Park Pitch No. 16
  • Kilnamanagh Open Space Pitch No. 123 & 124
  • Tymon Park Pitch No. 145
  • Killinarden Park Pitch No. 81,82,83,84 & 85
  • Butler McGee Park Pitch No. 72,73,74,75 & 76

Didn’t realise there was 145 pitches in Tymon park :slightly_smiling_face:

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Excellent idea MarysMan

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There’s only one pitch in Willsbrook Park, changed from being a GAA pitch to soccer pitch last year, always wondered where the other 15 pitches are.
SDCC “All” pitches are playable then give a list of unplayable pitches. “All” pitches are not playable if some are listed as unplayable.

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Hopefully , if weather stays as is according to that website pitches hold up , clubs really dont need , dual players ,really don’t need another postponement


Lads anyone know if Glenulian Pk (St Pats) is Dublin City or South Dublin Council??

South Dublin

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Same name as the angle of the hill it’s on.


That main pitch 4 was sorted a couple of years ago. Leveled, drainage, nets etc. I’m open to correction but it reads like the SDCC has still called it unplayable for this weekend though which seems very OTT.

Any announcements please post

Usually start coming in around 12pm

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All DLR pitches off

Not a good start

A lot of rain forecast tomorrow afternoon

Will be a lot of games off

Most pitches are off

Dublin 10 and 12 must not get the rain

Always wondered why some soccer pitches are always playable when all the GAA ones are off :crazy_face:

The soccer lads train on the Gaa pitches during the week to make sure their pitches are okay for the weekend


2 or 3 on in Fingal, rest are off