Pitch Rental

Looking for a bit of help here lads; barring the universities-who seem to have their pitches booked out consistently, would anyone know of any pitches with lights that do rentals? Found it difficult to source any this week; just wondering for future reference; preferably one where you can get a kick at the posts.

Innisfails, Or maybe St Bridigs very tough to get a pitch with lights to be fair Clontarf road also think that can be rented from dublin city council

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Stepaside too, that’s through Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council.

Appreciate that, lads… Seems not many in the area near us.

Where are you based? Abbotstown is an option. Not far from M50

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I think Stephen O’Shaughnessy is/was in charge at Clontarf Road.

Speaking of needing pitches this was really rough on Mitchell’s GAA in Monaghan caused by an old mine


Portobello, we looked at Abbotstown this week but was booked out, more just for future reference to have some options.

St. James’ Gaels home pitch on the Crumlin road has lights, pretty sure it’s owned by Trinity college now but local enough to portobello

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Thomas davis, clanna gael, ucd have a few pitches

I thought Portobello would have plenty of options… you did say “Bitch Rentals”, yes?

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Thomas Davis rents their all weather out but not until after all trainings are finished. So it’s usually 9.15pm onwards only


St.Margarets let their pitch out. Only short hop across from m50

Must be a great little extra earner for clubs. Can be couple of hundred per hour to rent. I’d love to know what Dublin clubs are paying for this.

Most of the ones I’ve tried as well are booked out already! Great to use it for extra club revenue.

How much is it to rent Margarets?

You could try Ballymun Kickhams also

Do Good Counsel have lights?

UCD in Belfield would be your closest option. Then St Benildus and Stepaside all weather run by DLRC. Maybe some of the hockey or rugby clubs in Ballsbridge or around that area. Trinity College own the Iveagh Grounds where St James Gaels play. They have floodlights on the main pitch and on a hockey pitch. Your best option would be to invest in portable floodlights.

St Finian’s Newcastle also have lights and rent theirs.