Pitches 2023

South Dublin pitches are closed this weekend

Any word on north side pitches?

Usually announced lunchtime 1pm

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Both usually have an update early afternoon

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Who looks after the Phoenix park pitches? OPW ? Or local authorities?

OPW are responsible for phoenix park

All in fingal off

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With the vast majority of council council / local authority pitches off, chances are the County Board could postpone all games. We have seen it in years gone by.

They could see it as a godsend either considering the shortage of referees at the moment, there were approx 30 games this weekend requiring ref.

Do they put out notices on Twitter or wherever? We have a game there tomorrow?

They do but an email /notice in first instances would be emailed to all club secs

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I can’t see many club pitches been available either, snow particularly heavy around Tallaght anyways. Not sure what it’s like further a field. Looks like it could possibly be a blanket call off of fixtures.

Photo from st Anne’s twitter

Leaving fairly late, I thought they done it earlier than this in the past, maybe Im wrong though
Weather looks bad for the weekend as well.

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Not sure tbh, but you can reach them by telephone or email

+353 1 821 3021 (8am – 5pm, Monday – Friday)

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All SDCC, Fingal off nice and early, yet DCC are playable??

Most DCC pitches are off as well

Got a different message​:grin: cant understand how a few pitches are playable, there goes me lie on Saturday :tired_face:

The rain this morning won’t help playability

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