Pitches 2023

Thats a feckin great picture! And a pitch that is water logged more than it’s not! Hated playing there

Still nothing from SDCC on pitches.

Typical shambles from them…


White smoke finally…

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This one is playable anyway,
Looking top notch again considering the criticism around earlier in the year.

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It’s some change since January games

Remember don’t schedule in Feb wait til March :scream:, like you can guarantee Irish weather

Forecast this week not helping pitches for this weekend, most of which aren’t in great nick already!

Whatever about the February/March argument, going to be into April with pitches being called off :man_facepalming:

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I’d imagine all pitches be on this week

Our pitch was on last weekend, and is worse now than its been in months

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Our lads supposed to play in Johnstown Pk Thursday but it’s out of action . Luckily we had other options.

Feile hurling?

U16 football. Johnstown Pk in Ballygall.
Edit. I m incorrect, it is playable

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Majority in Fingal off again :man_facepalming:

Majority of pitches in SDCC called OFF

Hard to fathom 1st of April and amount of unplayable pitches…


Any list released yet

On SDCC media releases

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Not really of you take Lentinis earlier post on board. A wettish week after pitches got hardship last weekend

DCC 50/50 aswell, disaster in april really