Player Burnout

Wasn’t sure where to put this but ill throw it into hurling even though it effects both codes.

Back over the last 5-10 years “Player Burnout” had been a major talking point and the effect it has on lads and ladies both physically and mentally. Maybe I have head my head in the sand but is it still an issue that the Gaa and the Dublin County board deal with or is it just brushed under the carpet and clubs told to get on with it?

I was speaking to some of our clubs U16 managers and was surprised to hear that the CCC2 had fixed 4 matches in 8 days for that age group, 2 in each code. As fit and as enthusiastic as some players are this kind of stuff does drain the body and mind. So I was wondering do the Dublin County board have somebody in a role such as a player welfare officer whose job it would be to question the amount of fixtures in a short period of time? This age group would also be an age group that has development squads so lads would also be out with them during the week. Maybe it is just me who thinks its a bit much for players to be taking on and perhaps we are heading down the road of choosing one code or another at younger ages and it is being forced on us by the CCC.

I did also see players last night who had played their third match in three days between football and camogie. But them two associations have always been like that so nothing new there

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try the girls side of the house where camogie and lgfa wont agree and have u14 to u16 girls playing on saturdays and sundays every week !!!

But point well made sneakers

Oh I’m already there with that crap :sob::sob:

But there is nothing the Dublin County Board can do about that since they are separate associations. They can however sort out their own house or in the case I have shown they cannot

I know not a DCB issue I flagged but it sums up the ineptitude of all related organisations…

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CCC2 have all but given up trying to get games played in the summer. Then you have the unprecedented weather. There had literally never been a year like it. It’s a once off hopefully.
The ladies are a totally different story.