Player Of The Year 2016

As nearly always, POTY will be given to a player on the All Ireland winning team. So who do we think from both teams are in the running? I have it as:

Dubs: Dermo, Kev, Cooper, Rock and Cian
Mayo: Keegan, DOC, COC, AOS(because he’s the media’s sweetheart, not down to his performances)

All the nominations can be Mayo players (or Kerry) as far as I am concerned so long as we win on the 18th.


If dublin win, McManamon would be my choice as long as he has a decent final. Fenton and possibly Cooper would be the options.

For Mayo I’d have Moran, Boyle and Higgins ahead of the 2 O’Connors. They’ve been too inconsistent, although I’m assuming DOC is a certainty for young POTY.

Kev Mc, all day, every day and, twice on Sundays. Even if Mayo * shudders * win.

My pick ,its between this four Kevin Mc, Cooper, Dermo, and Rock. All have had very good seasons Kevin Mc only in the last three though, Rock consistant all year as Cooper, Dermo not too sure but would love him to get it, and only one all star what robbery.

Maxi has been rapid this year, as has Johnny C, Kk to name but a few. But if Dermo puts in s big shift in the final, i 'd like to see him get it based on the last 3 years. However, maxi will probably bag a few goals in the final and be a shoe in.

James Mc missed a game, but I would not rule him out either if he has a big final, he has been consistantly very good, but yes I would agree on Kev. Who knows though if it goes pear shaped from a Dublin point of view and AOS has a big day he could finally win it in the Autumn rather than early JUly when the media usually give it to him.:laughing:

All AOS has to do is gel that fringe, a bit of air thumping and its his. The peoples champion gets their champion. Hopefully Philly can keep him under wraps.

Wouldn’t have COC anywhere near this …

We win it , its Kev because they’ll do the same as last year . Philly should have won it but they couldn’t bring themselves to award to him after the O’Shea & Donkey incidents . I see it going that way with Diarmo but at least he gets his second all star which is also a travesty too as he should have much more .

COC hasn’t a hope regardless of outcome . I think if it’s going to Mayo it will go to Keegan. But it’s not .
I think dean rock is worthy of a nomination .

Fenton also definitely in with a shout. Most consistent footballer, he’s almost Jim Gavin’s version of what Dennis irwan was to Fergie. But I think if either Dermo or CK put in a MOTM performance in the final they’ll get it.

Looking at PP odds Fenton is fav to win it.

For us Connolly, Kev mc , Fenton if any of those 3 have a Man of match performance they will win it, honourable mention to Rock who I wouldn’t rule out.
For them O Shea or Keegan.

Love to see Connolly or kev mc win it. Particularly Connolly would sicken the culchie bastards

Yep Connolly for me also, it would mean he had a great final :blush:

And we hear of people and their trash talk on other sites. Isn’t it great to see the special effect it brings to the debate :hushed:

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It could be a lot worse here considering what we have to put up with . A very restrained bunch here !

Bite me your holiness or even better light a candle for me.

Yet another of your classy comments.

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