Player Of The Year and Young Player Of The Year 2018

Surely there’s clear front runners for both awards. thoughts? Mine Would be Fenton for POTY and Howard for YPOTY. Both savage all year, Fenton the engine for dublin this year. his first year aside, hes playing the best football hes played for dublin to date. Howard second year with the seniors if you want to count last years two games, Put his hand up right from the obyrne cup, only missing out on one game with them this year and that being the roscommon game. hes showed great leadership and fight all year, for such a young player hes been crucial player for the dubs this year and showed how he can adapt playing forward and back superb player, two man of match proformances back to back and every other game playing out of his skin, definitely a shoe in for the award. David Clifford will be a huge contestant for it too, as that kid is straight from the kerry footballing gods but i would have to stick with Howard for this one.

Others FOR POTY - Niall Sludden, Mattie Donnelly, Ciaran Kilkenny, Colm Kavanagh, Conor Mcmanus

Others for YPOTY - David Clifford, Sean O’Shea.

It would be fairly amazing for the two awards to go to the one club.


Will depend on how the final goes but Fenton and CIaran Kilkenny would be favorites at moment to at least be nominated . As we know the vote is decided by players which is flawed - and nothing beats winning an all Ireland medal !

I’d be worried about a split vote if 2 Dubs were nominated. That could open up the door for someone else to win, especially if someone from Tyrone has a great final.

I agree Howard and Fenton are the fore runners for this but the media will push for Clifford to get YPOTY.

I can’t see past Clifford for both of these unless Tyrone win the final and Cavanaugh will get it. :roll_eyes:

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Clifford will get a huge push from the media. Has to win at least one if these awards. Ok I take the chances of him winning the potty are slim if any but after Clark winning the goal keeping all Star last year I think anything is possible.

Clifford to be fair has had a great year and is a contender. He’s the new Mattie Forde/ Declan Browne , dragging a poor team along with him


And to be fair he has. Would love to see two Dublin players win. Unlikely though.

Howard, Fenton, CK in that order for me…but I must say Colm Cavannagh has been immense for Tyrone, the amount of turnovers he creates is unreal.

If it was limited to one player per county, i’d have it follows

POTY - Fenton, Cavanagh, Rory Beggan

YPOTY - Clifford, Howard

What are yiz all on, Aido will win this hands down

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Beggan not blot the copybook with the last attack for the all star/POTY ?

See David Clarke 2017 version …


While a valid comment, yesterday was worse in my humble opinion. he was about 2 miles out from the goal.

But a point down and Clarke kicked the last kickout straight over the sideline.

I totally agree on this…it was the very definition of mé féin…

Which is a shame, as i think this year he has taken the mantle as the best in the game**

** ducks and covers :speak_no_evil:

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yeah i know , but we had put clarke under massive pressure for that last kick out with the press , we would have been better off belting it down the middle in hindsight.

Yesterday Rory was looking at the headlines as he kicked the ball.

And he got two attempts at it - first one we won the break just as it was blown up for the pulling and dragging. Cue second attempt, he doesn’t even look to his left just hoists it up and pushes it straight over the line.

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It’ll be forgotton about come awards time .

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