Player Of The Year and Young Player Of The Year 2018

Take that last kick out of it, no idea what was going through his head for it, his kick outs and point scoring from frees have had a massive impact on Monaghan getting to the semi final.

Not expecting him to win it, was looking at nominations from the perspective of 1 player per county with Monaghan, Dublin and Tyrone being the most impressive this season.

Couldn’t argue with him getting goalkeeper All Star - not Poty though.

NO one mentioning Cluxton for GK all star? Even after Saturday…
What was he thinking??

Players voting , i would say no .

He is the greatest to ever do it…has redefined the position…a hero and leader of men…but…this is (and always has been) his Achilles heal.

Why he feels the need to come in those situations where there are two defenders in attendance and leave the line unattended is beyond me…
worst case if he stays put is Comer catches and has a shot under pressure from two defenders and still has to beat you (back your shot stopping ability), or gets the fist on it an that has to beat you from 13 m out with that, neither likely to cost a goal.

I get why GK’s do it when it’s a one-v-one and the GK can get an unopposed run over the top to punch…but Clucko definitely over commits to these.

I guess no one’s perfect…Stephen is just closer than most.


I haven’t watched it back yet, but I think, if he had of just stayed put, Comer would have tried to punch it anyway, straight into his hands, like he did in the second half, guess he learned his lesson.

His peno save made up for it though, what a cracker!

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POTY : Colm “Never gives up” Boyle
YPOTY : Diarmuid O’Connor

Accept it now lads :wink:

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I think Clifford will be young player and I think it would be very hard to argue with. Howard hopefully will have to console himself with an AI and an all star.
Dublins dominance in Leinster means that if the likes of Mannion who was brilliant Sunday had a stormer against Tyrone he’d come into reckoning for POTY I think. Howard despite what I say above about Clifford could be a contender. Also Jack. Fenton, Kilkenny.

If Tyrone win, regardless of final, it will be Cavanagh.

POTY. Fenton for me . He is and has been majestic this year. One of the finest players I’ve ever seen. And he is still only a cub. Jack Mc. and KK and B. H. should get attention too as will Cavanagh and Mc Manus and deservedly so.

YPOTY. If Brian Howard is eligible he should be handed the award without ceremony. He has been remarkable throughout the season. Opportunity after opportunity. ‘Thank you’. he says. At this stage, if pushed, I’d rather have Howard on my team than Clifford. Of course recognising that Clifford is oozing class and I’m sure that in the future he might be one of the greats but even with him this year his team did fcuk all. Howard on the other hand made huge contributions in a myriad of games. Class.
Wow! Here’s me extolling Raheny’s Class!!! Facts can’t be denied…


The YPOT of the year i expect will go to Clifford .
I think people will disregard the stage where Kerry were knocked out . In the past when the players couldn’t vote Howard would get it no question . Its a shame really but im sure hell be happy with a Celtic cross instead should we win.

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I have no issue with Clifford getting YPOTY. He was outstanding. In the same vein, I don’t think he would feel cheated if Howard got it.

What I like about Clifford winning, is that the Yerras will see it as the condescending consolation prize that it would be - as voted for by the GAA people. “Ah shure it’s great one of your guys got an award - shure that nearly makes up for not qualifying for the semis”.

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Howard is fantastic and totally different players but give me Clifford any day. He may well turn out the greatest of all time .

He may well turn out to be a flash in the pan…

He may well turn out to be the most over-hyped player in the history of the GAA…

He may well never get his hands on Sam Maguire…


Fenton POTY so far for me, as someone said earlier if Mannion has a stormer in the final we may be in running but Fenton has been the standout performer so far.
As good as Howard has been this year, YPOTY should be Clifford. Straight out of minor with massive expectations, playing in a poor team and he has carried them on his back. Taking nothing away from Howard but it is easier to slip into a team like Dublin when everyone around you are great players, hes a future POTY and multiple all star i’m sure


POTY will go to a Dub, barring a massive upset. Fenton would be my pick at the minute, just think he’s a superb player. Cavanagh may get a nomination, but I think he needs a huge final, win or lose, to even justify that. Fenton, Kilkenny and McCaffrey the likely nominees.

YPOTY is obviously between Howard and Clifford. I’d have to give it to Clifford, unless Howard changes my mind in the final. Clifford was just immense in the Super 8s for Kerry, it’s a bit mad for a county with such a proud tradition of great teams, they were totally reliant on a lad just out of minor. And to be fair to him, he did more than could have been expected. Howard is a class player also, but he hasn’t had to deal with the pressure of a whole county looking to him and he’s had things a little easier in games to be fair. Plenty of accolades will come his way too I’m sure. Top 2 is clearly those lads anyway, not sure who the third nominee would be. I’d give it to Kearns of Monaghan, been very impressed with him for a debut season where they made it to the semis, and he’s looked solid in midfield all through in the games I’ve seen. He won’t win it but a nomination would be a nice little bit of recognition.

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Or is it harder to break into a Dublin team with more competition? Kerry are crying out for decent forwards.

Yes its definitely very hard to break into the Dublin Team, especially when you’re as young as Howard is but once you break in you are surrounded by quality and will not be exposed as much as you would be breaking into the Kerry team at a young age. Again, taking nothing away from Howard, he would be a shoe in for YPOTY any other year

Kearns has been handy definitely. They should go left field with a nomination or two imo. Eoin Ban Gallagher was excellent as has McKernan off Tyrone. Believe he’s only 21? And I usually hate corner backs.

Agree completely . If Howard is say motm in final that changes things. But so far it’s Clifford.


Good call, not sure how I forgot about Gallagher. He was excellent in Ulster especially, not as influential in the Super 8s but of course the injury didn’t help and cut that short.

Clifford, Howard and one of Kearns/Gallagher for YPOTY nominees for me. McKernan been good too alright but I’d put the other 2 Ulster lads ahead of him.

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