Player Of The Year/Young Player Of The Year

So we know these are generally decided following semi final & final games . Realistically we are looking at Mayo joining Dublin , Kerry & Tyrone in the semis .So they will probably be selected from those four . If Kildare had progressed I’d have had a shout for Feely .I dont see any standouts so far .Who would your nominations be so far . A lot can happen between now & after the final .Me thinks YPOTY won’t be going to a Mayo player this year but who knows .Are any of our lads standing out ?

Lee Keegan for both obviously :wink:

Or Aido and Con?

I’d actually have Leroy again , but that’s on the proviso they get back to the final . For Con to win wed have to win it & for him to have two more decent games. But whatever happens Con has certainly announced himself on the scene .What must Cormac be thinking .Only for an injury he could have had a break out year .

Con has to be in with a real shout for YPOTY. To date this year he has already won an All Ireland club hurling championship, a Leinster and All Ireland u21 football championship and a Leinster senior football championship, still has a chance to add to this list too.

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Con was odds on to win ypoty before the championship started, he’s 1/10 now. Similar to Diarmuid O Connor last year

I think the players vote has the bookies spooked a small bit. Dean Rock seems to be Dublin’s best chance 12/1

Is that powter lad from cork U21? Most impressive newbie on the scene this year for me. If cork had progressed past mayo he would’ve been in with a great shout for ypoty.

Con has a great chance. Is Hampsey from Tyrone too old?

Senior level. Keegan, Geaney and I think Jack has a great chance too

Fenton and Dean Rock for me at the moment …

Fenton needs to redeem himself after the league final against Moran .Now we are all agreed that he had no back up & Moran had ample support . If we get there , he has a decent game & we win he’s in with a shout . But that Kildare game too went against him .
I’d agree with Bart about Geaney .A lot will depend on next two games .But I’d say the winners of the award will come from the two finalists .

Only one name that matters, Big Aido, if Mayo get to the final he will get the popular vote. Con for YPOTY.

Con a shoe in.

Of the four remaining teams, their respective best players have been:

If Mayo do get to the final AOS could well win it and rightfully so if he has a good semi and final- he’s been excellent this year.

I think a certain Parnells club man may have a say in this yet.

For me Jack is head and shoulders above everyone at present. He’s been quietly outstanding. 8.5/10 every game for me.

Wouldn’t rule out Dean rock especially if he keeps scoring goals

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Cluxton a good shout alright. But no doubt he’ll kick one or two bad ones against Tyrone and that’ll constitute a meltdown … whereas disappearing for long periods of games against Div 3/4 teams is okay …

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We don’t get the sympathy vote in Dublin. You have to be from Mayo to get that.


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Could be a dark horse. two good games (if we progress) from him…

Anyone else give David Moran a shout?

Cluxton has to get it, record breaker, controls games with kickouts, only conceded 1 goal so far in champo.