Players Of The Faithful

Starting on RTE 1 now

Hopefully we don’t see something similar next year :pray:

Holy shit the arrogance from the Yerras in 1982.

It’s brilliant so far , hope it has a happy ending :scream:

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Always great seeing dejected Yerra faces walking off the pitch :grin:

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Your man in the background with the cup on his head.

Good programme, well made, fair play.

Christ Matt Connor was some footballer. Terrible way for his career to be ended and at such a young age too


Connor was incredible player.There wasn’t much protection for younger players and particularly forwards back then…racked up 5-31 in 4 games in 1980 as 20 year old.


Excellent programme . I think our lads are a lot more grounded and will be sheltered a lot more this year , although it’ll be the media that’ll be stirring up most of the 5 in a row talk .

Very enjoyable doc that. The 11 year old me actually felt sorry for Kerry at the time. Thankfully with age comes great wisdom.
Darby’s goal for me is the greatest GAA moment ever in either code.


Excellent programme and makes you wonder if Offaly could have won more than 1 Sam in that era if Matt Connor hadn’t suffered that horrific injury. I know one man doesn’t make a team and all that, but jaysus he was some player!

Saw Matt in the flesh , awesome think Connolly think gooch think mc manus and Maurice Fitz he was that good , we were robbed he was robbed of his prime

Offaly were an amazing team back then. Went a round further in championship each year from 77 until they eventually won in 82. Beaten in Leinster quarter final in 77, Leinster semi final in 78, Leinster final in 79, All Ireland semi final in 80, All Ireland Final in 81 and won in 82. By 83 they were a spent team losing out to Dublin in the Leinster final and were well beaten again by Dublin in the 84 Leinster semi final. While Matt Connor was one of the best players I have ever seen and was still playing then some of his team mates had reached their sell by date without replacements being found.
There are lessons in the programme for Dublin ( the fans especially! ) from how Kerry approached the 82 final. All great teams seem to fall when least expected, hopefully it won’t happen to us. While we seem to be able to replace forwards I worry about our defence, good readymade replacements seem to be hard to find.


There’s one that irreplaceable , but we managed this year …

Saw him play a few times and I dont think the only one Iv seen to come close to him was Peter Canavan. I dont think Gouch, Connolly, McManus, or Maurice Fitz were as good. Michael Murphy playing with a Dublin or Kerry team would have given him a right run for his money.

As important to them as Mullins was to us, and look what happened when Mullins was out injured, and when he was past-it after 83.
Mind you, Connor scored 1-7 in that 83 Leinster Final. So Dublin beat the best that day.

Another thing, the crowd for that final was about 38,000. Think about that. In those days provincial finals were a much bigger draw than these days, apart from anything else they were knockout. This particular one involved the reigning All-I champs, one of the most storied All-I champs ever indeed, with one of the greatest forwards ever to play the game. And they were up against the biggest draw in the game in the Dublin, who had a promising upcoming team.

And yet people would have you believe the miserable propoganda/agenda that because of Dublin’s recent dominance, and money, and hand-passing, and money, and short kickouts, and money, that gaelic football is ruined, attendances are dwindling disasterously, and the GAA itself is in danger of ruin.

Nearly 42,000 attended the inevitable landslide Leinster Final this year, in the era of the qualifier


Bit easier to get from a to b these days

The 84 Leinster Final had 54,000. The 91 Leinster First round games had between 52,000 and 63,000. So crowds could show up for finals and big games. But still not generally better than these days, and those days there was alot more prestige around those finals/games, and alot more motivation to go than people might have for the recent Leinster finals for example…

The all ireland semi final between kerry and monaghan in 1985 had 21,000 at it .

His little hop afterwards is gas.

We don’t hear much of McGee in the media anymore, I wonder if he’s retired.