Players Of The Faithful

He sold the paper he owned ( long ford leader I think) for a tidy sum so he s a wealthy man. No need for the daily grind.


Fair play to him, glad to hear it wasn’t a health thing.

Most of what he wrote anyway was pure shite , before we went on the run we are on now he was banging on how soft and leaderless we were .


Was there bad blood between him & Hefferenan ?
Think I read something about it in the book by Liam Hayes.

He was top man in UCD in the 70s when they went well in the Dublin Champo. Heffo didn’t like any non Dubs anyway

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I never really mind E McGee too much, to be honest. I don’t think he was anti-Dublin the way the likes of Martin McHugh and others are, these days.

@5AliveOh - your figures on Leinster final attendances back them must also be remembered for the fact that they weren’t shown live on TV either.

Just healthy rivals. I’ve always found McGee mostly fine about Dublin. He absolutely despised Meath.

I think Vincents with heffo met UCD with McGee 9 of 10 years in 1970’s. Fierce rivals. They won 3 AI club titles between them in 1970’s.


A good mate of mine was on that UCD team and myself and another Dub mate have great banter about it with him still. He speaks highly of McGee - who was the greatest GAA story to come out of Longford … until this month.

McGees autobiography highlights the UCD Vincent’s rivalry. Then he took over Offaly and bet the Dubs… Heffo didn’t like loosing.

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Heffo had the last laugh he out thought him in 83

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