Playing numbers

I was at a cup game at the weekend where 1 team only had 15 players available.

The game started 15 v 15 but in the 2nd half they had to take off an injured player.

At this point the referee made the other team take a player off also so as to make it 14 a side… He was adamant this was correct and said he’d only read the regulations before he came to the match.

I was looking at the regulations since myself but I can’t see where this has changed from previous years (if they only had 14 to play the match then it’s 14 a side, but not when it started with 15)

Does anyone know if this has changed? Or did the ref misinterpret it?

Which cup was it? If one of the lower cups this could be right though not 100% sure

Was in the Stacey Cup.
Equivalent to Div 6.

Afaik, you only have to play 13 a side in cup game

This is what I think is the relevant bit from the regulations…

All leagues shall be 15 aside. If a team is unable to field 15 players, 13 or 14 a side may be played, with both teams playing the same number of players (13v.13 or 14v.14) in the following leagues: AFL10 or lower, MFL3 or lower, or in any adult football cup competition. Where a game goes ahead with either 13 or 14 a side, up to 21 players may be used by the team with the greater number of players present.

From my reading of that cup games are 15 a side unless one team doesn’t have 15 players.
But what is the situation regarding if a team starts with 15 and has one injured?

To add to the mix here, they started with 15 players available, one arrived late, then they had a player black carded so the guy who was late was used as a sub for the black card before they had to take off the injured player…

Playing numbers for cup games can be reduced. However, once started, a team cannot be forced to reduce their numbers due to an injury.

Yea that was my take on it too!

Didn’t have any impact on the result in this situation anyway, but if it was implemented like this in any other game it could well cost a team a the points!

What about a player being taken off for being useless??? :wink:

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A team is only as strong as its weakest player…
I was wondering why I was always left on the line even when we’d only 15 players!!!

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Yoy don’t tell him about the game in the first instance :slight_smile: