Playing Rules

Only at inter-county level.

Oh didn’t realise that!
It’s the same for sendings off for 2 yellows, is that also only inter county?

No, 3 * double yellows or yellow and a black combo will get a suspension.

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Handpass rule scrapped . Other rules passed through for league

Just a quick question … don’t want to start a whole new thread on it.

Are you allowed to hand pass the pass to yourself, I didn’t think you were and I haven’t watched it back… but I’m almost sure Mick Fitz was running out and hand passed the ball over a Kerry player’s head and then collected the ball again.

I loved it when he did it but afterwards wasn’t sure it was legal?

As long as it bounces, you can collect it again, if he had caught it without it bouncing it would have been a free. Great awareness by Fitz to do it

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Once it bounces it’s ok.

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Cheers lads.

I haven’t seen anyone do what Fitzy did since I was playing U11. It was brilliant to watch. Was it Moran who he went by?

You’re finally getting the hang of this. Impressive :rofl::rofl:

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Many’s a time I used that ploy @bummer … albeit back in the 70s!!! :joy::joy::joy:

Fitzsimons has done that regularly enough over the years. He’s the only player I’ve seen do it consistently well

Clifford scored a goal for East Kerry over the weekend and I’m wondering what the rules are on it. He bounced the ball to himself to gain control of possession and then took another bounce while in possession. Is that allowed?

I think the first one was to control it so it’s allowed but the refs will know better than me.

It looks weird and my natural instinct is its a foul but I think you’re right on the rules

1st bounce was to control the ball so he was entitled to bounce it again when he had gained possession of the ball

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What’s the penalty for an unnamed sub coming on in championship match ??

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Any sub coming on must give slip to ref (club match) with their name and name of player coming of, so it’s almost unavoidable for no name to appear.

If the name does not appear on slip, ref can ask for it or make note of it in report and let committee deal with it.

If your talking about someone not named on the panel for the game, again ref can include scenario in match report.

Regards fines, punishment, I am not sure.

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