After years of wanting to put a playlist together I finally mastered the Spotify app on my phone recently. It’s excellent in that as you add songs it throws up similar songs or similar genres.

I now have almost 100 songs listed. I tried to keep it mostly to one per artist/band but have more by some favs. I think I have managed to put most of my all time fav tracks on but no doubt will add others as they come to mind. One hit wonders etc.

Choice ranges from Yvonne Elliman to Depeche Mode, Blue Order to Bowie, ABBA to Metallica, Luke Kelly to Sash!, Tori Amos to Radiohead, Stones to Stone Roses.

My commute is now perfect as I sit with a satisfied smile on my face as the toons keep rolling. Some funny looks at my lip synching - they’re lucky I’m not singing out loud.

What tracks are on your playlist?


Talk Talk
London Grammar
Hans Zimmerman
jon Hopkins
Alanis Morrisette
John Murphy
Daft Punk
Ludiovico Einaudi
Underworld - ‘slow slippy’ 10 minute loop, got it of youtube, drowns out the noise on the bus every time.

Soundtracks from This is England and TV series.

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I took Daft punk off …

Have Porcelain and Born Slippy alright!

Gone are the days when we handled our vinyls with absolute TLC.
Gone are the days when we spent hours making tapes and burning CD’s.
Gone are the days when we even managed our music in iTunes.

Have never used Spotify myself, I just throw a lot of different bands on the phone and hit shuffle.

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I went back buying vinyl a while ago and I love it although it’s an expensive hobby. I also learned the lesson that it’s not a good idea to leave a moving turntable and a cat in the same room.


I inherited my uncles vinyl player a few years ago, cost a few hundred back in the 80s. I started collecting vinyls myself about 10 years ago and haven’t stopped. Recently, my player and record collection has come under serious threat in the form of a 1 year old whose just started to walk. He flings the sleeves around for fun and constantly tries to get hold of the needle which is on its last legs as it is! Little bollix! The unit it all sits on is huge and not easily moved but I will have to come up with something before it’s destroyed on me altogether

There’s a great record fair on once a month on Thomas St where collectors meet up and swap and sell vinyls of all types. I don’t think vinyl will ever die out completely unlike the CD. When u think of it, of all the music platforms, vinyl, cassette, mp3 etc… the CD was the biggest load of crap of them all. Too big, easily damaged and awkward to carry around I.e the “disk-man”.

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Thanks, I must go to that in Thomas St. I usually go to Spindizzy (the best) Freebird and Mojo. I rarely buy anything after about 1986 so mostly second hand.
Did someone actually mention Abba in a post here…surely a misprint!

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Me too.

It was ABBA.

I have a hugely eclectic (bizarre) taste. The playlist also includes Coolio, Heaven 17, OMD, Howard Jones, Rick Astley (NGGYU!), Alphaville, FYC, Muse, Dylan, Elbow, Deep Purple. Pink Floyd, Joe Jackson, Zucchero, Pat Benatar, Youssou N’Dour and Cyndie Lauper!

That’s cause both of you are aul lads!!!

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First I was afraid, I was spotified …


Goes without saying.

Having Creedence, The Band, Dr Feelgood, etc providing the bulk of my list proves your point, more so.

…yeah, but what about Van Der Graaf Generator?

… Muse, Dylan, Elbow…


No I just use the phone and if I’m on the train I’ll recharge with the sockets provided.

It’s called laziness and a refusal to be a sheep :wink:


Who remembers Loyko, the Russian gypsy band? Used to be regulars in Whelan’s. Or Talk to Strangers upstairs in Slatterys of Capel St? One Brian Downey on drums…

Here’s a small snapshot of one I did for driving for work…

Slave to the Rhythm excellent track I threw that up not he music thread. Cover Art alone is worth it!

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