Pure Shores anything by Mr. Orbit is class. Cue Madonnas ray of light. Excellent work by him and her.

It’s the version with Ian McShane on voice over…

Trevor Horn is God.

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thats a Gandalf voice.

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My playlist contains some odd, like some of the previous posters. I am to a download to phone and not s spotty kid supporter. I am luck enough to have 270gb of music on file, thats over 70,00 songs. This was obtained in dubious circumstances!!!

Fleetwood Mac
Alabama 3
Grace Jones
Joy Division
Those Nervous Animals
The Doors
Alison Moyet
Annie Lennox
Howard Jones
Big Country
Cheryl Crowe
Travis Tritt
Christy Moore
Crash Test Dummies
Elvis Costello
Fatboy Slim
Jackson Browne


Here’s more of the playlist
(despite popular demand) :slight_smile:


Island Life is up there on my desert island disc selection. Excellent.

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You can’t have a compilation on your Desert Island Discs unless you’re Alan Partridge :slight_smile:

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Jayus , that’s some mixture . What’s your favorite genre ?

I would have said indie but Indie has gone to sh!te in the past decade
(or I’m gone too old for it )
Maybe a little of both :slight_smile:

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I love Somewhere Down the Crazy River.

Lots of one hit wonders there (commercially at least). Your Woman by White Town is a great track - brings me back to the Summer of 1997 - always associate it with Return of the Mack!

Gala, Ultra Nate, Rosie Gaines, No Doubt … and the Spice Girls!

Can’t stand Gwen Stefani, sorry.

She speaks very highly of you!

Duel and What Do You Want From Me are two great tracks too.

CDs were a big scam, we were led to believe they were indistructable, I always found they scratched and hopped all over the shop. Have about 100 vinyl lps but never play them, havent got any CDs

I’ve got about 2500 cds that are currently boxed and in the attic because I can’t bring myself to get rid of them…

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You should have left them there then.

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Yeah , my first introduction to music was probably the Brit Pop era . Then i had one brother mad into U2 while the other was more Zeppelin , grunge , Pearl Jam etc . So i picked up alot of them .
But the indie period from the early 90’s was deadly . Noel Gallagher was a great inspiration to anyone who wanted to play guitar , just learn 3 chords & you could go far :joy:

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I like so much different stuff now I wouldn’t know where to start with a playlist. I suppose my go-to era is the 70s but then I love alot of 60s stuff and probably the best all-round albums and songs that I like are mostly from the 80s with less and less thereafter.

I started to lose interest in chart/‘hits’ during the 90s, especially the second half. I go to see more live acts now than I ever did in the past. There’s tonnes of brilliant musicians and bands around who will never be famous as such but will get their stuff out there as the world of popular music is so different now to 20-50 years ago I suppose.

I do like looking at other people’s lists though! Some context for tunes is great, such as why you picked each one, what was going on when it came out etc, and on that subject there’s a great book about every song ever released by the Beatles til about 1970, and the context of it, details of its recording and so on.

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Hayley Westenra.
Karl Jenkins
Ludovico Einaudi

currently enjoying these lads