Playoff Regulations

Hi I was just wondering does anyone know what regulations are regarding relegation, if a team is relegated for giving 2 walkovers and then there are two other teams on the same points and one of those teams has also given a walkover what is the situation.

Is it head 2 head
Is it point difference
Is it points scored

There is a bit in the rules about 3 or more teams but does this apply to two teams in the same situation

In the event that a team involved in a tie consisting
of more than two teams had their finishing points total affected by a loss of
points against that team on a proven objection, forfeiture of points for breach
of rule / regulation, or by loss of points for failing to fulfil a fixture,
that team shall not be included in any play-off and shall deemed to have
finished in last place in whatever means is used to decide the tie

It’s head to head between the two teams.

All the deciding factor in this case will be to see who gets home advantage in the playoff

There’s no relegation playoffs in hurling

As for the original question my understanding is that if one team is relegated for given 2 walkovers and there’s a 2 way tie to see who else goes down then head to head comes into effect but if there’s 3 teams and 1 has given a walkover my understanding is the team that gave a walkover also gets relegated.

Playoff ? is it not just bottom two down