Political Correctness... Too far, or absolutely correct?

This is sure to be a hot topic, but seeing as we are a male dominated site, with notable exceptions of the brave few, (not you WB) but it’s something that is worthy of discussion now that we’re in the (quiet) close season of county and club games (again, with the notable exception of clubs who have won county titles!!!)

So there was the whole Casey presidential comments. Most felt he was racist, I didn’t.

I saw a Tweet from Ricky Gervais today. Now I know he thrives on controversy, but it’s just flipping mad in my book.

Is it a generational thing? I’m nearer 50 than 40, my parents grew up in “the emergency” as teens and they were very loving people, but very set in their ways. I admire my mam and dad greatly, and that I’m sure has influenced my thinking. But I am reasonably intelligent and my thoughts are my own… I hope!

Thoughts please?

We are becoming more and more vulnerable to being controlled. Part of us fights this. Thank God for that!

Which part of you fights it. Hmmm … I ain’t gonna guess this one …

The bit of you that recognises the power differentials in the world and is sceptical of current narratives.

Well Holy God…4 posts in and not one mention yet of “the neo liberal elite”…rubs eyes…

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I would argue that it works both ways and we can be controlled in whatever beliefs we have. You only need to see the proliferation of words like Snowflake, fake news, liberal elite etc to see how it can happen on the other side

Or “political correctness has run amok” to denigrate something you don’t agree with. That’s a favorite of George Hook’s defenders. All 5 of them.

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Well this is it, in moderation political correctness is really just not judging someone by the colour of their skin or their background but treating everyone as an individual in their own right based on their own merits. Taken too far it is ridiculous and stifles debate. Mind you the opposite of political correctness is not too attractive either.


I saw a good post on FB some lad having a rant about this yesterday too, would assume it was in relation to the Mirror article too. Some lad ranting about transgender etc, are we going to have to start renaming everything like personchester city. It was a funny rant but I agreed with a good bit of what he was saying

It has gone way too far, does my head in to be honest

Ah yea, that stuff is just ridiculous. And the nonsense about cribs in hospitals etc.

I remember when Dublin had it’s first female Lord Mayor (I think), back in 1988, and her name was Carmencita Hederman. As a p*ss take, some people said that due to political correctness, her correct title should be Alder-person Car-people-cita Heder-person! :joy::joy:

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Then you have trump moaning that you’re not allowed call a woman beautiful because of political correctness, no donald, people think you’re perving over your daughter you creep.

The world and its spouse was waiting for this thread to be started.


Political correctness is an attempt to impose group think on the world. There is a lot of it about but thankfully there are some really looney elements fighting back.

Especially here.

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Kleenex discontinuing “Man-Sized” tissues was the pinnacle of PC gone mad…

Lets see if Mothercare changes its name to Parentcare…

And a new GAA club in North County Dublin… Person-of-Conflict.


Or Portuguese jellyfish …

Is there not a Vegan substitute for jelly?

Back in college this year and there’s gender neutral toilets on every floor. Someone got offended by a bleeding Jax

Agar agar?

Btw I’m not sure the term Vegan is politically correct. Can you look into and correct if needed. Thanks.