Political Correctness... Too far, or absolutely correct?

At least the women will put the toiled seat back down.

Wait til some guy is accused of flashing and we’ll see where all this BS goes.

Slightly off topic… while having my porridge and kale leaves for breakfast this morning, I tuned in to watch the usual England top-order batting collapse in their first test, away to the Sri Lankans… It was the lunch break and Sky Sports had their presenter (Nick Knight, I think), Michael Atherton and a Sri Lankan commentator/pundit in the outfield, discussing the morning’s play. Each of them were wearing a poppy. Cue, 30 minutes later, play has resumed. Atherton and the Sri Lankan bloke are back in the commentary box and the camera cuts to the two of them in the box (one of those webcam type cameras) and neither of them have their poppies on (did they believe they wouldn’t be seen?).
Is it now the case that Sky/BBC/ITV, etc are forcing their presenters, interviewees, et al to wear a poppy?

Do your own focking donkey work.

They were probably the microphones … or Mikerophones in Atherton’s case.

Or maybe it’s an attempt to make people wise up to how insensitive they are. Yes, it can go over the top sometimes, but the intentions are often sound imo. (Except for renaming Man size Kleenex. That malarkey can piss right off. Especially when I have a cold, or am watching Lassie movies.)

If you are lucky enough to be white, Westernized, heterosexual, from Glasnevin North, able bodied, Christian, mentally sound, (more or less :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ) and male, is it really up to you to dictate to others who have not been so lucky, how they should be spoken to, or refered to, or what they are or entitled to feel offended about?

I contest that it is usually not. This may require a teensy weensy change of mindset in many of the above lottery winners, as lets face it, they have been in charge with running the planet uncontested, since…oh… about forever.

Thirty years ago it was perfectly acceptable to publically call gay people any offensive term you wanted. Now, it is not. Same for people of colour, or those with disabilities.

(You also can not refer to me as “Dear” in a work context & you will find out all about it, if you even try.)

We live in more enlightened times now. Perhaps the gender neutral/fluid debate over terminology now, is this decades gay debate (for example) of the 1980’s? Feeling at odds with the sex you are born into, must be the worst kind of hell. Those of us who are secure in who and what we are (and a recent survey says that is an impressive 84.6 % of all registered Resser users :wink: ) can’t even begin to imagine what it must be like.

If changing a few words here and there eases the burden somewhat, then why the heck not? Seems a very small price to pay, given the incredible levels of mental health problems, suicide, bigotry etc etc that people with gender identity issues often face.


Bravo dear!

Fully agree, but seriously, the whole snow person or mansize tissues thing is going way overboard in my opinion!


We should not confuse the age old art of common decency with more modern and coercive methods of ordering society.


But who is to say what is society and what is not?

For far too long, far too many people were without a voice in society, or were cut off from having a say in running society, or setting its acceptable cultural mores & norms due to their sex, or their sexuality or their religion or the colour of their skin.

Maybe now it is time to give them a voice in deciding what is “normal” ?

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That’s where the madness starts! If you are a man who thinks he is a woman fair enough. (Very rare that it is other way round strangely!). Have an operation but in the meantime which you are still male in tackle terms, pee with the boys. Several women have mentioned this to me as something they feel very uneasy about. Naturally (if there is any longer such a thing.)

Of course being against PC is no excuse for being deliberately offensive to anyone and the ending of the sort of unfunny cr@p that passed for British comedy at expensive o Sambos, Paddies, Pakis and Queers was proper order.

As the Gervais tweet hints, perhaps it is gone too far the other way.

Don’t disagree but society has never been more inequal nor boorishness as prevalent … and apparently acceptable (see Donald J Trump)

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Are gender neutral toilets a 3rd option or do they just amalgamate the other 2 into one bigger toilet?

We had gender neutral toilets in my old job. They were on the opposite side of the building, so I never went into them and have no idea what the were like, or how they were set up. The company was very forward thinking and was one of the first in the US to award spousal health care benefits to employees same sex partners. Thought it was all a bit daft at the time. I don’t now.

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I dont think anyone has any issue with society becoming more sensitive to ethnic groups, minority groups, LGBT etc…

Its the likes of the snowperson, mansize tissues, gender neutral toilets etc…

I have one son at the moment and he’ll be told when hes old enough, ‘your a boy, you use the gents toilets’ and if I ever have a daughter id be fucked if Id allow her go into a toilet alone that has men and women in it no matter what the snowflakes tell me.

I will also build ‘snowmen’ with my kid(s), use ‘mansize’ tissues when any of us is under the weather. He will be thought to be respectful of everyone regardless of sexuality, race etc… extra respectful to women, people with disabilities and the elderly. If that offends anyone they can just be happy they arent living in my house but I wont be told how to live by the snowflake generation nor should anyone else.


Yes, it has gone too far. I had an email from my business informing me that I could not use the term “guys” to a mixed class. This was due to a client having one of their employees transgendering and they found the term offensive. I always found it to be gender neutral, and talking to people about it over the past 2 months has not changed my mind.

I think brendan grace used to refer to her as Paracetamol Henderson but that kinda ruins the joke.

I am trying not to be an old codger but it’s getting harder and harder. I’ve always been tolerant and have a live and let live attitude but more and more I just find myself wondering wtf ?.

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You think the word “guy” is gender neutral? Ah here…

From discussions with many different groups, yes. It has been used as a gender neutral greeting for a while now.

The original term has a fairly obvious male meaning, despite the context that you may be using it in.

Another view here: https://brainsoverblonde.com/you-guys/

You have to move with the times. I’ve even thrown out my Black and White Minstrel Show records.