Poll: Tyrone v Mayo

Just for Daller …

  • Tyrone
  • Mayo
  • Draw

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who you want to win or who you think will win?

Who do you think WILL win.

Lads seriously.

Who to fook is voting Mayo?

And for all those who think Tyrone will win….vote early and vote often. Works a treat up here.

Ps good man @DUB09


Won’t believe Mayo can win until they do.

Their issue was never wholly Dublin. It’s winning finals is the main problem.

Think I’d say.

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there’s a replay off this or just extra time again? i think tyrone will squeeze through if there’s a winner on saturday but if there’s the possibilty of a replay, i strongly expect the ref to be chasing it.

My card seems to allow me vote for each of three eventualities @DUB09

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That only applies to you @ustix my friend. I am acutely aware of your prevaricative nature.

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Prevaricate on off out of that

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It’s a replay.

No ET either I’m near sure.

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Tyrone by 7

It’s spelt ‘Th-rowne’ is it not??

Vaguely familiar … it’s a yerra yerra tic tac … blow smoke up the oppositions pie hole … leave the cute hoorism to the KOTF … TYRONE 7 :joy::joy: PLEASE :+1:

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I think it will start like the 2012 Donegal game, with Mayo’s rally far too late.

I think it’s going to be very close , so much so up to the final minutes … the winners to grab the bull by Botox and earn the right … this deserve stuff pure nonsense … be the masters of your destiny , leave no doubts :+1:

Tyrone pulling up imo

A Game of Th-rownes.

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Dublin to win.


[quote=“TheDub, post:14, topic:8032”]
it’s a yerra yerra tic tac … blow smoke up the oppositions pie hole

:laughing: :laughing: