Pope's visit


This celebration of families thing that the Pope is here to celebrate, is being made a total mockery of.
He is the figurehead of an organisation that went out of its way to undermine the health and happiness of so very many people & their families. Representatives of the church that he is the figurehead of, abused the postions of trust within Irish familes that their collar gave them. They destroyed lives and they destroyed families. Then they covered it all up. And they have been dragged kicking and screaming to the bargaining table, where compensation and apologies have been in very, very short supply when they get there.

It is damm near impossible to feel any sort of happy clappy enthusiasm for Pope Francis visit here, while such a damming black cloud hangs over his organisation. Are we all supposed to forget about that and just wave our pretty little yellow and white flags when he gets here? B0ll0cks to that !


I just hope people listen to the stewards or there could be mayhem!


I’d say there’ll be more than a few protestors who’ll need minding.

As an aside the people roaring at you on Jones Road are not stewards. They’re security personnel. Big difference

As another aside. No one has ever shouted at me on Jones road, 1 because I enter through the Cusack stand and 2 I tend to do what the stewards, sorry security personal, that are hired by croke park to direct fans, ask me to do

Just got a map and booklet in the post explaining road closures, is it God himself that is coming, lookslike he is going to be all over the place at the same time😂

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Its a big deal for the older people of the country - If we close down half the city for presidents of the USA who we have no connection to , then whats the problem with doing the same for a figure head that people here actually relate to.

Thankfully the power of the church is not what it was - and while they did some good stuff they did horrible stuff also and it is an arrogance that they haven’t apologised. But power corrupts and if you have the chance to sweep it under the carpet or come clean , it will be swept , look at the BBC, the shinners all the way to the top of the Conservative party in the UK.


Havent been here for head of state visits, it was just the scale of the thing seems a little ottp, regardless of who the visitor is.

One was a state visit when it was Obama I presume and the other isn’t or has it been upgraded to that status yet?

Personally I have no issue with him coming as long as it is not in any way funded by the tax payer. As far as I see it, it might as well be Gareth Brooks coming for a concert in the Phoenix Park and it should be funded by whoever is organising it, similar to any other private function.

Sure top news on Sindo yesterday was all about him being driven around in a Skoda, and I believe it was a hot topic with Brendan O’Connor covering for Marian at the weekend…ffs

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And the all ireland final was moved from that date because of this rubbish, which messed up my plans big time! Cheek of him

A flock of cows? Sure Dubs could hardly be expected to know the difference. Moo!

Irish Times reporting today that estimated costs are now up to €32m and will be split between Church & State.

Jesus, talk about giving the two fingers to abuse victims.

The abuse of children by the RCC was inexcusable. My point was that such abuse was endemic across all countries and all sorts of institutions. Putting unaccountable adults in charge of children who were deemed to have no rights was always going to attract deviants.

As for organisations of comparable size, the secular state institutions across the water were and still are a festering swamp of systematic abuse. And apart from individual cases like that slimeball Savill they haven’t even begun to address it. Look what is happening in Rotheram and other cities, often involving children allegedly under “state care” and covered up by the police and politicians.

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It’s there in every walk of life, horrific and terrible acts breaking trust and destroying lifes. Further more the perpatraters of these crimes are statistically the hardest to reform ( nearly impossible ) and the most likely to re offend.
If history has thought us anything, it is that the best way to deal with anything, is in an environment of truth, honesty, justice and compassion. The idea being justice for the victims and prevention of reoccurrence. I have listened to victims of injustice, those who have lost family members to criminal acts and to those who have suffered from organisational coverup. A common thread through all, is understandably an intial anger and desire for an eye for an eye but over time in the majority of cases this moves onto a desire for justice and understanding and a drive to ensure measures are taken to prevent there becoming anymore victims.
The Pope coming to Ireland is a step in the right direction. If we want a compassionate society, i believe it should start with our own actions first.

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Why is he coming here?

To apologise or what.

Shouldn’t be allowed near the country.

My view, ban all religion, reclaim all church assets, separate from state (education etc) .

Have a great day.


Just making them subject to the same laws as the rest of society would be a good start for me. Beginning with a school or hospital for each child they abused.

Do primary school teachers have to buy into the whole religion thing? Watching the older 2 kids making their communions int he last few years I was astounded by the enthusiasm of the teachers. I know they do it for the kids which is great, but are they made do it, or is that a requirement of being a primary school teacher?

It is a requirement. They are forced to.

If you work in a church school, and that’s 96 per cent of them in this country, you have no choice. Mostly they put on a show for the kids. Some actually still believe it.