Pope's visit

Where I am they would generally pick a teacher that would want to do it.

Yea, either they are really good actors or they are really into it. The young lads teacher from last year is from Kerry and in his mid/late twenties and was giving her sally. I was scratching me head, as I do every time I end up in the church for whatever reason seeing people there that I know who are there, just to be there. Mental. I wonder do they still believe in Santa too

The Catholic Church positioned itself to be the moral and directive modus operandi of this states institutions. It then went and conducted and covered up extensive abuse, torture and acts unspeakable against the most vulnerable members of society. The CC within an Irish context was not an ordinary organisation and to speak of it as so is a untruth.

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Now, here… where ae you going with this?

Out of curiosity, why did you have your kids make their communion if you don’t believe in it?


Adams covered up Clockwork Orange type abuse within his own family and against others, perpetrated by his father, brothers and friends,

These are the people representing a brave new world behind McDonald and the minister from Tyrone who broke her leg when “tired and emotional” at the weekend.

And that’s just the latest pretender to a “post Catholic Ireland.”

None of them have clean hands,


And you find what you have written there to be a relevant comparison against the crimes the Catholic Church committed Here?

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Scaled down version of the church perhaps . ruled through fear and covered up abuse and murdered babies in bombings ?

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Catholic school, 95% of them were making it so didn’t want them to feel left out. Plus the grandparents were all over it. The way I look at it, it’s up to them what they want to believe in, I wasn’t going to take this away from them for my beliefs, they can decide when they get older


There is no institution in this country or any other that hasn’t been responsible for child abuse. There was Church of Ireland home in Cavan where children were raped and murdered. Irish Times doesn’t really want to go there! And Kincora boys home in Belfast where British intelligence allowed children to be abused by members of unionist parties and loyalist gangs.

There are no saints, unfortunately.

I think any normal person will agree on first principles, abuse against a child is one of the most depravist acts to be committed. But with respect, I do think your response is a dodge. I don’t see how the extent and duration of institutional abuse by the CC can be thrown together with all other cases.

The despots of history are remembered for a reason.

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I’m not excusing it and am not a Catholic, but this Irish exceptionalism thing being promoted by journalists, and now ironically by MacAleese who was elected by appealing to Catholic conservatives, is absurd.

Like it or not there are a lot of decent people who want to see the Pope. I’m sure none of them excuse what happened, no more than he does.

I won’t be there but I sure as hell won’t be along with some gang of fascists who seem to be planning to disrupt it. They seem to have no problem with Islamists and Cuba and China and such contributions to humankind.


I would imagine that the numbers will drop over the next few years as more and more people are foregoing christenings.

Nothing should be swept aside if that is what your referring to re exceptionalism. But a reasonable recourse to the scale of abuse in privilege is to ensure it never happens again. That decoupling is the only thing that can be done to honour those who are gone that the state failed.

There is absolutely no comparison at all.

You are comparing isolated incidents with systematic abuse across the planet.

Bullshit. That’s like saying we cannot complain about the treatment of Palestinians without mentioning every similar case. Bullshit.

Thank you for your considered response.

Not a bother. I tried logic. The Pope should apologise and make recompense to victims, or he should not come here as it would be morally indefensible.

A country that can handle multiple royal visits from people who tried to wipe us out can deal with a doddery old pope :grinning:

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