Possible New Jersey

Seen this on Twitter, apparently it’s a training top but it’s not often you see a training top with the number nowadays… anyone seen any news about this ??

Likely donations from the squad

Surely that can’t be Jim Gavin doing his bit for charity?
It can’t be.
Otherwise the media would be all over it.

They were. But that doesn’t fit the narrative here! Some people somehow seem to only find the critical articles.

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THATS not Jim Gavin… his facial muscles are working. We must consult the lord of cabbage to verify this.

Anyway great pic! Fair play to jim.

AH jaysus Alan woukd ya give it a break plenty of good story articles have been posted well. But regardless thanks for posting these.

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I’d assume that they are just training tops. Don’t the training tops have the players squad numbers on them?

read something about this , the 5 on the top marks either 5 years since she got the first cow , or that cow has had 4 calves so 5 cattle from the initial donation.

That post was “tongue-in-cheek” Alan.

I know. But some aren’t :wink:

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I think it should just initials on them now, could be wrong however

Hang on. Isn’t Jim like the devil and stuff.
Kimmage and Dunphy said so. I’m almost certain.


Kimmage and Dunphy - the voices of reasoned debate.

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Kimmage and dunphy separated at birth.