Potential county material

Potential players that are intercounty level or deserve a crack at it .

Few names floated on previous chats .
Some lads that may be good enough

Be interesting to see whos going well at club level from senior 1 to intermediate.

GER DODRILL has to be #1 on this list


The wing back O’Dea (Na Fianna)is always one I expected to play a bigger role with the county team , not sure he fits criteria as he’s been involved

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Hard to put his hand up when its in a sling too.

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Wasn’t given a chance and walked away.

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McDwyer needs league games next year, as do some of the Crokes players like Crowe, Purcell and Linehan if fit.


Any setanta lads going well
Mcgibb ,sean o rian ?
Any more there ?
Seen sean play earlier in the year ,he was flying it .

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Only seen few games, both Seán & Finno flying it, Luke Kelly playing well at center back.

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How old is luke .?

Think he’s 25, same age as Seán.

You may know better but if a lads isn’t involved at some stage in development squads U14-U16 or at Minor/u20 what is the reality of a chap just developing very late and coming up to senior intercounty.

Not saying its not possible but I think there is a fairly good trawl underage and they have 40+in development squads every year.

Agreed but some may have picked football over hurling at underage development and maybe returned to hurling ,at club level and maybe did not develop an appetite for hurling untill latter years ,

Andy power from cuala having a great year at corner back. He’s a stallion of a man
MOD would be mad not to give him a shot

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Very young but o’Dulaing from Commercials has a serious amount of quality. Very very skillful and can win his own ball and he can score. Might be a bit young this year…although if he was from any other hurling county theyd just bring him in id say.
Oisin o Rourke is obviously a seasoned campaigner but still probably only 27/28 and always plays well when i see him…one of the most skillful players in the county and lovely ball striker…had me shaking my head when I heard he had dropped himself off the panel due to a lack of game time. Exactly the type of player we missed in the middle of the park.
Considine was impressive…for county though he has to be able to get the ball in hand a little quicker…when he has it in his hand hes a hard man to stop.
A key man I hope we will see playing is Michael Murphy. A ball winning half forward with pace…we simply just dont produce these guys. The advantage of winning a ball and then being able to beat a man just means we already increase the chances of scoring goals.

We need our injured lads back too


I complimented him last year as having the raw ability to potentially end up one of Dublin best by the end of his career, if everything went his way. Got scalded for it

How old is he ?

O Rourke a classy operator. Say he’s closer to 30 now? Said last year id play him as a 3rd MF. If he’s not interested fair enough. Similar to McMorrow from Boden few years back. And its not like we’re blessed with options. Likes of Malone hasn’t kicked on. If Mattie didnt fancy him, its unlikely his county man will. Anyone coming through at MF? The big lad from Fins on 20s last year (21) looked like he’d a bit about him. Or maybe just cause in winning team (to an extent) at the time.


Davey Crowe looks a good midfield option.