Prague or Portugal

Prague all the way, truly great city. My godson has been there for three years, not the type I ever would have thought would go to central Europe in a million years, he loves it. Can put you in touch if you want. Though if you could do 6 months in both places you’d be laughing!

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The ladies are always very easy on the eye when the beer is strong & cheap!


Well this plan took a twis, I move to Brussels on Wednesday!!


Enjoy. Lived there for a bit. Not as drab, grey and boring as people say it is. Only an hour and a half from home. Great train service too there so make sure if you get the chance to do some travelling. 1 word of warning though if you drink Duvel, Leffe, Affligem or any of the stronger beers 1 or 2 is more than enough. Any more than that dont say I didnt warn you! I’ve missed days from work from that stuff especially Duvel.

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Enjoy man :blush:


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Was on a stag there a few years ago and was ordering two pints of Kwak at a time due to it taking an age to serve.

Safe to say that weekend was a bit of a blur.

Advice on the drink is welcome and appreciated, my mother can thank you for me not ending up in a ditch in Belgium!

Good call Parish add Kwak to the list Witty. If its still there Mappa Mundo down near O’Reillys at the Bourse is a nice bar. If you are into clubbing Fuse on Rue Blaes / Blaasstraat is a must visit.

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Brussels,? Shit-hole. :wink:

It has the most beautiful square in the world, Le Grand Place. But the rest of it looks like Parnell Street.

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Bollicken is a great beer, and a great name too!

Suppose it’s better to go out for one than to go home for one:grinning:


:flushed: :wink:

Die Koeniken left me for dead but it was a blissful demise…

Yis weren’t bloody joking about the beer :flushed:


Hair of the dog… go for it!!!

Wayyyyyyy ahead of you!

Don’t you have to have a branded glass for each beer there?

You do indeed, they’re very particular about their glasses…

Ha Ha laughed my head off when I read your earlier post. What were or are you drinking? A boulette chaud (Bread roll with spicy meatball) or grub from Fritland in town will sort you out.
Regarding the glasses I was told once I couldnt have a particular beer as they didnt have the proper glass for it. I had to point out I was Irish and would drink it out of a manky wellie.

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I was drinking a kesteel, which happens to be about 11%, two is more than enough… although I’ve just finished work, and might be on my 4th? :joy: It’s actually ridiculous how particular about their glasses they are, it’s like the posh women at home who will only drink G&Ts from a goblet…