Pre match buildup

What do you do in build up to game ? .

At this stage in the cycle I keep low key and don’t pay much attention to previews . I look for distractions . Maybe a couple of beers at home tonight before hitting bed early

Tomorrow . Dublin jerseys on . Take kids out early . Massive fry up somewhere near the dart line and then head over before 12pm to Dublin only pubs in Ballybough - Clonliffe house or Meaghars. No contact with opposition at all. Head into Hill just after 2pm


Usually take it easy the Saturday night. Up early tomorrow with the nipper and let herself have a ly on to get the brownie points in before I disappear for a few days please God. Fry on and then meet the lads in the local for around 1pm.

When I lived in the parents house I’d be greeted with the smell of bacon ribs boiling away in the kitchen. Me da never went to a game without them.

Also I’m bringing my 2 year old son and my da down to the 5 lamps for a picture tonight. Don’t know what it is about that image but it is overwhelmingly beautiful. I don’t know if the fifth lamp is going to be lit on Sunday evening but if it is I’ll be down with the gang for an after photo too.


Have just watched my favourite play in Gaelic games…Darren daly’s superb intervention in 2016.Relax today and tonight watch one of the greatest boxers I have ever seen.Up early and into town about 10am to lap up the atmosphere.Love outside the Gresham just listening to the wheeling and dealing.mass and then into briodys.


I’ll meet a Kerry friend of mine in O’Sheas the Merchant and give him and his four kids the tickets I have for them. After that I’ll drop the young lad into Starbucks on the Green and fix him up with a skinny latte. Then it’s down to the Shel for 4/5 Pimms - better to avoid bladder issues. Then I ring James and it’s onwards to the AC.


Moving the final up 2 weeks is playing havoc with the build up & prep, as we’ve a family wedding just around the corner. Would usually pay a visit to the parents grave in Glasnevin the day before the final, as the aul fellas birthday is the same week. Wonder if there is a Dubs flag on top of the O’Connell tower this week? It’s been there previously before big Dublin/Kerry games & it’s always good for a chuckle.

Anyway, getting the heck out of Dodge for the day today. Good for the nerves. Going pashmina shopping in Kildare village with the Mounraaah cousins. No doubt craic will be had reminding me what happened the last time a Dublin team went into a match very heavily favoured. :roll_eyes:

Up For The Match tonight, (ah feck off ! ) long walk on the beach in the morning, Hole in the Wall probably, maybe Dollier. Swim if the tide is in. Marvel at the beauty of our glorious city. Tell the jelliers to fcuk off.

No fry for the breakfast, as nerves will be shredded. Then the inevitable row in the family WhatsApp group about where to meet up before the match. We’re scattered all over Croker & everyone wants the shortest walk back to their spot for the day. :roll_eyes:

Head in around noon. Cornetto in Fairview Park, or a skinny decaff soy almond latte in Kennedy’s -that’s a cafe Daller, not a speakeasy - if the tummy has settled any. Collect ma bitches and ho’s at The Clonliffe House. Clonliffe House always wins btw. Dunno why there has to be a feckin’ row about it every year.

Stand vigil at the corner of Clonliffe Rd & watch the Dubs team bus go by, on their way to immortality.

Then head in meself.


Typically stand up and down off a seat multiple times with paper in my hand

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I avoid all previews but will watch up for the match. Tomorrow head up early, get a full Irish in the usual café head to my fellow resser mates gaff who is putting up with me tomorrow night. (We’re real party animals we were on the last 15 bus home last year). Head in for meaghers/clonliffe house (slight diversion to meet the beneficial resser supplying my ticket) then in for second half of the minors.

Afterwards meaghers to sing and enjoy the early evening and be amazed by the bogs of doom, get food from.chipper next door, drop into clonliffe house on way to Chaplin’s to watch the Sunday game. After that God knows.

Afterwards if we lose maybe none of the above!!!


Don’t even contemplate that !!!
Fry before heading in . It’s the one game if the year where we don’t drive in from Mordor , usually organise a lift. Always say a prayer to the folks while passing Glasnevin cemetery for a bit of luck . Head into Hedigans and meet up with a few pals we see at the games . Then head down for about 1.45 /2 o’clock. Back to Hedigans for a few after ( if we win ) , then home and watch the Sunday Game and probably the match again into the wee hours.

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Same as it’s always been in my adulthood. (when did that happen, I hear you cry!)

Shave the night before. No pub. Lay out the uniform for the following day (usually a new top) and crack open a few tipples of choice… Tonight it’s a bottle of Fleurie. For the AI final, I watch up for the match. Yes, it’s painful, but I’m not changing it now. DON’T CHANGE ANYTHING!!!

Tomorrow it’s a hearty breakfast, followed by a visit to my mammy (who no longer can go to games) and then home, a big shite and then travel down in time for the start of the minor game. Stand in the same spot every time, with the same people. I live for days like this.

Up the Dubs.


Leeeetle bit too much information there comrade. :poop:

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You know me amigo. I speeeek the truuuuth!

Starts with up from the match, really enjoyed it since 2011!

Up in the morning, fry- have to bring the young lad to a match - the luas into town.

Few pints in clearys in amiens st. Get the eclairs for one of the lads and then off to croker

Avoid up for the match at all costs. Caught a couple of minutes tonight to assure myself I was right. A few glasses of red to calm the nerves and aid sleep.

Plenty of Luke in the morning along with a big fry. Then head into Hill 16 for a quick pint before hand before heading into Croker for most of the minor game. Has worked every other year so here’s hoping for the same tomorrow.


“The last time the Dubs had to go to Thurles they got lost”, would you Ever FCUK Off Des.


I am loathe to make a prediction, but if pushed …


Buzzkill :wink:

I have my new top hat done up and ready now for tomorrow, the last one put in three years service.

Was just thinking about how much a once in a lifetime this is, even if we do not win it, to be able to say you were there or were supporting such a team that made five finals (plus the replay) in a row. An amazing feeling.


Just woke the neighbors with there was 14 men. Time for bed :sleeping::sleeping:.

Sleep well Dubs, History beckons…


Certain songs on repeat over this evening and tomorrow before the game.
Watch Up For The Match (As @Rochey said change nothing)
Fry of sorts in the morning

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Now I’m curious.

Is it one of those vegan yoked?