Predict the team of the decade

Just for the craic and the boredom predict your team of the decade (2020 -2029)

How is that possible

Simply guess what players playing now in the 18 to 23 age bracket, therefore are likely to see out the entire decade. Or if your knowledgable of the underage what young players you think will break through…of course an oder player vould still make the cut

Example being Jske Morris I predict hell be a huge name of his decade so id select him at 10, Gillane at 13 etc

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Too tough to pick a solid 15. I think you’re right about Jake Morris, same for Brian McGrath sure his brothers have done well too. Shane kingston Brian concannon galway Conor Boylan limerick all look like good prospects.

Ryan for Kilkenny.

Donal Burke and Eoghan O Donnell our two inclusions

I got a bit lazy near the end but heres my prediction

  1. Brian Higan Tipp
  2. Paddy Smyth Dublin
  3. Hugh Lawlor Kkenny
  4. Ronan Lyons Limerick
  5. Paddy Cadell Tipp
  6. Iarlaith Daly Waterford
  7. Mark Coleman Cork
  8. Cian Lynch Limerick
  9. Darragh Fitzgibbon Cork
  10. Jake Morris Tipp
  11. Kyle Hayes Limerick
  12. Rory Oconnor Wexford
  13. Aaron Gillane Limerick
  14. Stephen Bennett Waterford
  15. Conor Whelan Galway

Another two from Kilkenny would be Evan Shefflin and Eoin Cody

Sad thing is, when you think of Dublin lads, you think of the likes of Swan, who will be pkaying football or sitting on their bench.

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Couldn’t have Stephen Benett.surely Adrian and Darren Mullen.

Sorry that should be Shane not Stephen :man_facepalming:

Somewhat related to the thread…

Did Babs Keating select the team?


I’ve just seen this discussed elsewhere on the forum, apologies.