Predictions for 2019- Politics

You are not going to like this but my definition of indigenous is people whose people go back a few generations here. The Ned Flanders brigade will say that people who fly in here are Irish as are their children. I disagree. As I said, by 2050 it will be changed beyond belief. Minarets will abound. I don’t give a shit if I am called a racist but I don’t want this. Loads of people will be reading this and silently agree, but not say it. The social fabric of our country has been torn asunder and it’s wrong.

I have to agree. It’s how we progress with this while keeping our own identity both in Europe and a possible reunification in the next thirty years is key. One thing for sure the Ireland that we knew in the 80’s to mid 90’s is long gone. How people feel about that is their own business they can argue we where broke ass poor and insular but Christ there’s times i yarn for it when I’m trying to raise my kids in this snowflake times.

Minarets will abound :joy: pure trumpism shite talk to be honest. What percentage of the 20% would be from a Muslim background?

You are the most confusing individual I have ever read. You are Liberal and socialist while also seemingly having some relatively extreme nationalistic views but also not approving of our tax laws

The social fabric of our society was based heavily in the church and it is nkt something I would be happy to go back to.


I’ve absolutely no problem with how you feel about it and with any honest opinion. Much better that, expressed as you have done, than beating around the bush. Agree to disagree. I like honest opinion and strong conviction. After that it’s all about debate. The debate will never end. If it’s any consolation to you and those who feel the same way, I think Ireland will be fine, we have more connection to and pride in our culture than many places, and many of the people who came here love those things about us and their adopted land very much about living there and becoming Irish. Most of them came here at least partly because they identify with a culture like ours.


The silent majority??

I think the social fabric has been eroded by the economic system more than anything to do with religion.

Genuinely, why do people believe they deserve a certain privilege based on the pure blind luck of where they were born??

Migrants are people too, normal people, most of them are fleeing war zones. How anyone can stand up and tell someone fleeing a place like Yemen or Syria that they aren’t welcome is beyond me. These are people, human beings like you or I and people want to let them suffer just because they were unlucky enough to be born in a war zone. Imagine America and other countries refused to take any Irish people during the famine.

We are all extremely lucky to be born into a stable country where we don’t fear for our lives every day, the lack of empathy for those who aren’t astonishes me.


‘Most of them are fleeing war zones’.
Prove it. We are not bombing Yemen. The Saudis are, with American bombs. Should we have sanctions against both countries? I think we should. Do you?

But we don’t, and we won’t. We depend on America, who depend on the Saudis. Join the dots…

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Bankrupting ourselves will achieve nothing.

Demographic breakdown according to 2016 census:

Major ethnic Irish: 84.5%

Minor ethnic: Other White: 9.1% (total White: 94.3%), Asian: 1.9%, Black: 1.4%, Other: 0.9%, Irish Travellers 0.7%, Not Stated: 1.6% (2011)

As of the 2016 census, 78.3% were Catholic, a drop of 5.8% since 2011. Conversely, irreligion has almost doubled since 2011 with 9.8% declaring ‘No Religion’ in 2016, overtaking Protestantism as the second largest group in the state. The various Protestant and other Christian faiths represent 5.6%, Islam 1.3%, other religions 2.4% and 2.6% gave no answer.


Hardly paints a picture of a country being over run by nasty forredin migrants. There really is a lot of hype, misinformation & scare mongering about.


Fine Gaels Mary Mitchell O’Connor now expressing an interest in trying to take the Blueshirt European seat in the Dublin constituency.

She is everything that the European Parliament is missing,just what we need to turn our fortunes around. I mean, where else would we get someone read these prepared scripts for a miserable €150,000 …

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I’m amazed Mensa hasn’t snapped her up yet:


A credit to her party and ideology. If god be with us who be against us.


If there is one race of people who should be sympathetic towards migrants it’s the Irish.


Huge number really

Is Declan Rice among them?


Annoying article in that it compares 2018 with 2017, but what about compared to before the Brexit vote? Can hardly have issues 880,000 passports a year every year, with a population of only 4.8 million.

Some people here must be apoplectic with rage and fear about that. Oh wait, the visa applicants are not refugees, and probably mostly not really fordeners…

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I promise you, I am absolutely right about this. I don’t want to be, but I am.

Right about what exactly?