Predictions for 2020

Can anyone see past Cuala for 2020? Is the gap to big or can someone like Brigids make that step? I think Lucan and Whitehall will impress but Cuala to reign again

Senior B could be interesting with Otooles and Barrs in there. Cuala again will be strong but i think ill go Barrog

Inter you would think Olafs be strong here and Sylvesters but will go with Maurs

junior im not sure what peregrines and Parnells will be at, if they find form Id imagine theyll be favs but if Realt Dearg can improve a small bit it could be then who win it

Hard to luck past Cuala in Senior A yeah. Senior B very hard to call, Barróg would be up there, know of at least one retirement with them though. Inter hard to predict too Syls based on League form always look like favourites, heard a key player might be transferring out though. Realt losing a key player too, Kilkenny lad but they always get 1 or 2 transfers in so will be very close again no doubt. Peregrines & Parnells could languish in Junior A for a while.

Next year will probably be the most competitive senior a championship there has been for a long time. Cuala again will be most peoples favorite and any of brigids, craobh, crokes, Vincent’s, Boden and Lucan.
Senior b I’d go with barrog division 1 hurling will bring them along this year. Inter I’d go maurs or isles. Junior a hard to call maybe Vincent’s. Will parnells be fielding this year

Hard to see past Cuala obviously if the hunger is there which it should be after how they went out this year. Crokes (any word on new manager?),Boden,Brigids, na Fianna, Lucan, Vincents all in chasing pack but the problem of at least 5 teams too many remains and dilutes the group stages and all round competition. I presume there will be no change again next year.

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Even if the groups were split to two groups of 6 it leaves 5 teams absolutely lambs to the slaughter

Very hard thing to try and balance