Premier League 2015-16

LvG sacked - now there’s a big surprise :wink: Albert Stuivenberg, Frans Hoek and Max Reckers, also gone, but no mention of Giggs.

You would imagine Giggs would be given the option of staying on due to his service to the club. Reports saying he will leave once Mourinho is given the job. He needs to get a bit of experience as a number 1 if he has any ambition of managing United. Must be tough to leave after nearly 3 decades. He is surely institutionalised at this point.

Max Reckers is a great name, he should be in wrestling, UFC, or perhaps be an energy bar

Juan Mata will be looking for a new club soon, also. He doesn’t conform to Mourinho’s style. Crazy that a player who was reasonably successful - one of the better players - at two clubs can be shown the door ahead of other, lesser-quality players.

Giggs won’t have any problem going elsewhere, if his private life is anything to go by.

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Giggs might take a bit of a break to spend some more time with close family … :blush:

Indictment of Woodward . Mourinho is the antithesis of the club’s philosophy . Add to that the fact that Mourinho was available and they passed on him before . Some big personalities managing in the EPL next year !

Looks like Zlatan is coming into Old Trafford as well. Past his best but a big name none the less. It will be a very interesting summer @ United, surely Mourinho can attract some big players even without the Champions League football.

Better off trying to develop the young lads then signing lads past their best

Never thought I’d see the day when United were in such a tailspin that they’d be cosying up to Mourinho. RIP “The Man Utd way”.
Can’t shake the feeling that the appointment of Pep to City is playing a part in their reaching out for this option.

Irrational? Knew-jerk?
You betcha.

I’d say Sir Bobby will be spinning in his Directors box chair. The other fella will be happy with a few free bottles of decent plonk.

I can see it going a bit like it did with Abramovic - he may bring success but it may not be pretty to look at - and I’m not talking Wayne Rooney,

At this stage United are desperate to get back to the top table on the pitch. Mourinho is a winner, it may all go tits up in 2 years but I think it is worth the gamble at this stage. Mourinho has always had reported interest in the United job. Maybe it’s the one he settles down into.

What other European ‘super-club’ would have him at this stage, you’d wonder.

Madrid? Been there, burned bridges.
Barcelona? :joy:
PSG? Blanc has extended his contract recently to 2018.
Bayern? Ancelotti incoming.

Don’t think the words “settle down” are in his vocabulary.

For those of us of a certain vintage, who recall English football pre-Premiership, it’s astonishing, to me at least, how English football has abandoned the idea of having British managers. What’s more, for top English clubs it’s now pushing beyond the hiring of a continental coach onto the plan of preferably luring one from an elite band of men who appear content to do a ‘European tour’ of clubs (Hiddink, Ancelotti, Guardiola, Mourinho, Benitez, et al).

Maybe it’s just the media tracking of the story we’ve been fed but surely, SURELY, a club as big as Man Utd would cast their managerial net wider than just Mourinho or Giggs?

Even Leicester appointed a fella who never won a championship in his life …

I would say PSG would have taken him if he showed the interest enough.

What British managers are there available that you would put into the Man United job? Liverpool tried it with Rodgers. There is too much money involved in the game now to gamble on an Alex Ferguson or even an Arsene Wenger type appointment. They want quick success, it’s what shareholders, players and now the fans demand. Look at the Man City fans when Pellegrini was leaving, football fans have very short memories.

Football is moving on from long term managers, it is all about a new challenge or a new voice. If you get 5 years of success out of a manager you are doing well. Mourinho only has France, Germany & International football to tick off the bucket list before he finishes up.

What I cannot get over is that Manchester cited “the style of play” for Van Gaal’s sacking. Do they seriously think that Mourinho will play a more attacking style?

Would agree GAAiniesta, it’s too big a business to allow a manager the time needed to develop a team - Man U were drastically out of step when they appointed Moyes for example.

And judging by reports they are in disarray behind the scenes, on a number of levels, and with no obvious strong counterpoint to Mourinho’s ego. He could have free reign, which is dangerous as he’s clearly mentally unbalanced.

It’s interesting that he hadn’t even got the job and the club was embroiled in a particularly classless episode. He’s a pox.

He’s also a winner. But looking at the array of managers he will be up against he is no longer a sure thing, Man U might end up with all the aggro but without the silverware.

@_TL it is far from a sure thing with the current squad and the pick of the worlds best managers in charge of rival teams, bar Simeone & Ancelotti. But United will give him the cash and his pick of what players he wants. He has not had both such luxuries since his first spell @ Chelsea and he turned that team into almost unbeatable in England for 2 seasons. Yes he had the money at Real Madrid but he was the head coach not the clubs manager, it is the president who decides where the money is spent.

United need instant success, Mourinho’s record shows he is the best in the business at providing that. In 3 years time it might end badly but you can guarantee they will have been more successful for that 3 years than they would have been under another manger. After 3 years of poor football and just an FA Cup to show for it even the most idealistic of United fans will welcome Mourinho.

It might be a bigger challenge than he’s had before. Without having Champs Lge football, it’s going to be harder for him to attract ‘whoever he wants’, to me that’s part of the reason Utd have gone for him. Some players might overlook the no Champs lge bit because it’s Jose.

Can’t see the football being a whole lot more appealing and would also be worried he won’t give the young lads a chance, they were the only good thing to come out of this season (and them bringing the FA Cup along with it!).

Hopefully Rashford keeps getting game time but Mourinho will want a marquee striker. It looks to be Zlatan if you are to believe the reports, of course this would leave Rashford with less starts but with Zlatan now 34 years old the game time would be there for a back up. I think Fosu-Mensah is probably the next best to come out of the academy this year. He seems to fit the Jose build i.e big strong athletic lad who plays full back, could be in the mold of an Ivanovic. He really wanted Stones at Chelsea so obviously he will be linked with United now, he brought Varane into the Madrid team for Pepe, he made Zouma his first choice CB until his injury. He doesn’t have a fantastic record with bringing youth through but there is a bit of recent form showing he will give the stand out lads a shot.

The likes of Lingaard, Borthwick Jackson & Varela are decent players but I don’t think are good enough to be commanding a starting place in a title challenging side. Martial will remain a key player for United next season, he is just that good, as will Shaw once he returns to fitness. Memphis could be either out the door by September or turn things around drastically, genuinely haven’t a breeze on that one, similar for Januzaj.

My main worry will be the Mata situation and any knock on effect with De Gea should Mata be shown the door.

Two of the biggest arseholes in sport.

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