Premier League 2016/17

Liverpool trying to get the trips to London out of the way early!!!

Arsenal V Liverpool
Sat 13 Aug 15:00

Liverpool V Burnley
Sat 20 Aug 15:00

Tottenham V Liverpool
Sat 27 Aug 15:00

Liverpool V Leicester
Sat 10 Sep 15:00

Chelsea V Liverpool
Sat 17 Sep 15:00

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Vardy to stay on with Leicester. Clever work getting Arsenal interested so he could get himself a more lucrative deal.

Think Liverpool have requested one of their early games at Anfield (West Brom maybe) to be played away as well as the new bit of a stand won’t be ready yet.

The Burnley match was moved. No home games until Leicester on the 10th of Sept.

Enda McNulty is following in the footsteps of Celtic performance consultant Jim McGuinness and is working for Manchester United in developing the “mental skills” of Academy players.

That’s mad …

Just heard Mourinho’s first interview. As modest and unassuming as ever. I can see Bobby Charlton losing his hair before long …

Christ that’s mental, he spoke at a conference I was at a few years ago and was horrendous, lots of buzz words and stuff he read out of book, absolutely nothing interesting or insightful about him

Definitely is, seems you took a lot away from that conference :grin:

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Not the PL but new Brentford signing, John Egan, scored both goals in their Championship victory on Saturday over Big Mick’s Ipswich. This John Egan lad has a famous father.

A good Cork man, young Egan.

His da was one of the best goal poachers in Gaelic Football.

Jaysus the way the English go on about ‘poor’ Joe Harte. A bloody ordinary keeper who has a reputation way above its true worth.

The only time he was head and shoulders above anyone else was doing dandruff ads.

David Seaman has been the best keeper they’ve had, I reckon, since their last world-class keeper, Peter Shilton. To be fair, Hart seems to have gone about his business without kicking up a fuss in public - probably because Man City will make up any shortfall in his wages after a loan move elsewhere (Napoli?). The English media will use this against Pep at their first opportunity.

Wilshere looking at possible loan move to Palace, Watford or Bournemouth …

He’d be more at home with Swindon?

Another dislikable, overrated twat, in my view.

It’s becoming a bit of a pattern with English players. Maybe it’s all these bloody foreign managers - bah! So Sterling, Stones, Wilshere are not the next world superstars after all?? Sure Iceland already know that …

I’d have thought that Sideshow Bob rejoining Chelsea would be enough to tell you everything that is wrong about professional football…

But then again…

Very impressive looking new stand at Anfield. Were any ressers present?

Not the first time Mata has done this. Really seems like a sound guy.

Good on Francis Benali. An average player who probably made a comfortable living for himself out of football, giving something back.