Premier League 2017/18

Don’t be taking the pi55 out of us Leeds fans … huh … watching our own team … huh … in the Premiership … huh …

Some show tonight , had to switch off at HT. Gooners defense a shambles but pulled it out of the bag .I like Wenger , hope they do well this season .

Never tire of games like tonight’s.
Alas, they are the exception rather than the norm
Match of the Day is still a high-class, polished product churning out regular entertainment.

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Know a lot of people who say we this and we that who never watch a full match. Strange phenomenon. Expect it’s due to the endless nature of the season and hype.

I read somewhere on twitter that on MOTD now they will have a new segment on “expected goals” .

Tbh watching a soccer match has become a chore at this stage . It is from a personal point of view from the 3 main sports I watch .Gaelic football , hurling & basketball . Scores are usually every couple of minutes or per minute which makes it more exciting to watch .I wouldnt pay to go watch a soccer game now but I’ll watch it on TV as long as I have the phone to keep me occupied .

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Watching the World Athletics at the moment and it’s very enjoyable. I reckon our top GAA stars could represent Ireland better than our Athletic “stars”

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Well they don’t dope .
Ponder this 30 best times in history for 100m
21 by drug cheats .9 by bolt
So bolt is clean …ok

Good oul liverpool …the mayo of the prem. . LOL

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Normal service resumes for Liverpool :joy:

Chelsea getting hammered 3-0 by Burnley at the moment :open_mouth:

Lumping on Burnley …

Matic a big loss for Chelsea

Great to see from an Irish point if view Brady , Hendrick , Ward & Walters coming off the bench .We need our players playing consistently to help our qualification bid .

Ward’s goal. Would be nice to see him do one or two of these against Georgia and Serbia next month

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Another 4 goal rout for United today, great start to the season but there again it would want to be given the level of investment in the squad.

Yes …, and it won’t have helped neither West Ham nor Swansea’s Champions League ambitions either …

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That Palace striker looks a bit heavy. I think he’s Puncheon above his weight …


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