Premier League 2018/2019

Lance Key could have played alongside Phil Babb. Ozil might have enjoyed that…:zipper_mouth_face:

… Only it was Whispering Death who was bowling. Peter Willey, indeed, was the other party involved.
Something tells me it was something Richie Benaud had long envisaged beforehand.

Peter Willey it was . I picked up Ian Botham s biography for 2 euro in a 2nd hand bookshop last year. That s my total knowledge of English cricket or any cricket.

I’d love to see Marco Reuss take a short corner to Muller for Germany.

A Muller-Reuss corner…

Hat and coat got. Leaving building!


It will be interesting to see what Brexit means for English soccer in terms of non-nationals, work permits, rules governing minors etc. The English League might become like a tax haven with little or no rules governing it.

The English fa could set the rules regarding foreign players , presumably the Bosman ruling and eu rules on freedom of eu workers to work within the eu would no longer apply to the uk. If the fa said all premier league teams have to play 7 English players in first 11 would the clubs try to resist.? It’s an opportunity for the fa to claw back some of the power they have lost. Premier league have been lobbying Westminster so they are worried about this.

Ressers fantasy football league if anyone fancies it, code is 2399383-571348

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Still a much better keeper than you:eyes:

It’s not who I think it is… Is it?

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Tis the very one!!

He was a better 14 than you underage, and you are a better keeper than he is now in retirement!

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Unfortunately I was a No.6 Underage, but I see where your going there. Correct on all fronts as usual

So Arrizabalaga is the new Chelsea Kepa. Jose asked his new signing what wing he wanted to play on … right said Fred.

For all the millions in the EPL there are still plenty of journeymen around. Arter, Ings, Wilshere, Shaqiri, etc.

I posted in the wrong thread

Shaqiri is not a journeyman.

You’ll need better bait I’d say. (Just as I type, Ohm has taken the bait :joy: )

Should be an interesting season all the same. Mahrez could be a good signing for City, not that they had trouble unlocking defenses last season. Hoping for an implosion at United with half the players walking out and Mourinho playing a load of young lads to prove a point/get the sack. No idea how Spurs experiment with zero net spend is going to go, can see them struggling around Christmas with a few injuries. Good signings for Liverpool so they should move ahead of Spurs and United

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Carragher making a triumphant return on Friday Night Football .

Great role model for those young aspiring Goliers.

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United 1 up after 2 minutes , Didn’t take long for a home decision.

I’d say it’s the first time United have been on top of the Premiership in about eight years.

Fairly uneventful . De Gea with a good save , big boned Shaw with a chance .
Pogba complaining as usual .