Premier League 2018/2019

conte gone from chelsea

Joe Hart back from his loan

Liverpool agree a few of £66 million for Allison with Roma

Hopefully they can get the deal done and that muppet is put out to pasture

Very hard to keep religion out of football, all the same.


Some old trout annoying me whilst I was having my Avo on toast so wasn’t concentrating :wink:

£66m for a keeper that Liverpool put 7 past last year, some money.


Yeah some money alright but with not many decent keepers available they were always going to pay a lot more for him

should of put another 15mil on it and went for oblak much better keeper

I think Oblak is almost untouchable at this point. He might be the best keeper in the world. So Atleti keep raising his price value.

After Cluxton…

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  1. Cluxton
  2. Oblak
  3. Courtois

I assume you mean

  1. Cluxton
  2. Comerford


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Check out @vonstrenginho’s Tweet: lad really fancies himself!!!

Id heard about that but not seen , jesus christ , what was that in aid of ?

Zola new Chelsea assistant manager. F*ck that. I liked Zola as a player, even at Chelsea. Why is he going back there?

The Ox injured again I see. This time up to a year out. Same old same old.

Same injury that put him out of the Champions league final, multiple ligament damage.

The full extent of the injury was only made public today.

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Wasn’t aware of that, he is a very injury prone player though. Arsenal had 3/4/5 players that showed great potential, but as soon as they got a run of form, they got injured. Wilshere, Ox, Ramsey and Diaby. Diaby in particular was a brilliant footballer, but could only string 2 or 3 games together before another soft tissue injury ruled him out for 8 weeks.

I liked Ox as he seemed to really care and tried very hard, ultimately I think he is a nearly player. I hope Klopp can get a higher level from him than Wenger did, but I doubt it very much.

Strong as an Ox he ain’t …

Think Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang will have a big year for the Gunners.