Premier League 2019/2020

Never signed a centre half in the summer. They cant defend. Mina and Keane are average and have no back up. Wasted 35m on Owobi. Walcott, another waster, still involved. Must have spent over 100m on strikers too and none of them can score. Richarlyson could be v good but hes lazy. No matter who comes in, they really could go down.

The amount of money he has spent but not a decent striker in the squad. Was it £40 million spent on Iwobi? He would have picked up one or two decent strikers for that money

Snap :sweat_smile:. Shocking waste of money all over that squad. If you get a price on them to go down I’d take it. Liverpool B team gave them a whipping.

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In fairness most of the money was wasted by the previous managers and directors of football. Also sadly there aren’t many good strikers available , they looked for one all summer and ended up settling for Kean (and hoping he develops into a decent striker) and panic buying Iowbi when they couldn’t get the Zaha deal done

In or around 7s/8s

I suppose it’s fair. Watford, Norwich and probably Brighton rightly smaller prices. Burnley and Bournemouth struggling too . Are Everton much better? That defence is dreadful. Morale on the floor too. Might be worth a small wager.

A lot of poor teams. Just three rounds previously Everton and Spurs were on the same points. Everton are just 9 points off of fifth. Bring in a new manager win a couple of games and you will be in the top half of the table.

Clubs like Everton pay a lot of money for players like Richarlison , Walcott et al. Faded players or never gonna be s. Be better off putting that money into youth development and a scouting system that will identify talent before the likes of Liverpool, Utd etc snap them up.

Signing Iwobi for that amount was crazy money. They never learned after wasting money of likes of Walcott and Lennon over the years. Schneiderlin is another dud.

Pickford is poor. Will land up costing England in the big games too.

In fairness to Everton last night, they actually played quite well. We are unbeaten at home since 23 April 2017 so for anyone to expect them to beat us was fairly fanciful. There were only 6 shots on target in the first half and 6 goals and the goals we scored were outstanding, no team or keeper was keeping those out I don’t think.

Everton were also unlucky against Leicester. They are unfortunate with the fixtures they have coming now but if I was them I wouldn’t be rushing to replace Silva with David Moyes.

It could have been 4-3 going into the last 10 mins as well if Kean had scored his chance which would have made for a very uncomfortable last few minutes. Their defence was awful last night though. They tried a similar tactic to Utd earlier in the season with 2 wing backs and 3 at the back but they were badly caught out a number of times.

Mane though is showing that he is the number 1 of the front 3. He was simply outstanding last night and has been for most of the last 12 months.

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have to say, i enjoyed the premier sports work last night, I wonder why the Red Button option was only working on PS2 though, and not the Manu/Tott game (was it because it started later?) It was great to skip around the grounds a bit like when Sky Sports was the only show in town.

Funny story - i got BT/premier sports from sky for €10 but i thought they were the ones with the GAA matches. I’ll see what I can squeeze out of them in January about that. That said, Ice Hockey is growing on me. There was a man on comms for the Boston game the other night who was talking so fast and describing everything that would make Mícheál Ó Muircheartaigh sound like a snooker commentator.

It has to be Big Fat Sam, again.

Silva has spent well over £200 million. The squad is crap. Lots of average players that they are paying stupid wages to. Silva was mad to bring back players that he had on loan last season that helped them finish mid table how did he expect to improve the team with that mentality.

Gomes was the loan player which he then bought and I think that was a fairly reasonable purchase. He also tried (but failed) to buy Zouma, which considering the performances of the defence over the last few games was clearly a good idea.

I’m not arguing that he has made great calls on the transfer front, but it is not as bad as what went before. Ever since Moshiri took over the transfer policy has been a mess.

They never replaced Lukaku. Calvin Lewin is not good enough and Richarlison more of a winger than a no 9.

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The coverage in Oz is class, Optus sports on $15 a month, a bit less than €10, they show every single game and they have what’s called goal rush, which is essentially the equivalent to the NFLs red zone. So I watched the United game, but it would go to a split screen every time there was a key moment in one of the other games.

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Jesus, just heard Arsenal were beaten at home by Brighton tonight. That’s relegation material!

Arsenal will inevitably become relegation candidates unless they can quickly start winning at least some of their home games. The prospect of winning away from home looks beyond them at this stage.

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