Premier League 2019/2020

UEFA crooks trying to get some easy oil money.


So if UEFA have found them guilty, how come the premier league haven’t? Is it double standards?

Different rules mr Roche

It’s complete bollox tbh. Can’t see how it’s legal under employment law. You are effectively limiting someone’s earnings.

But we can’t freeze rents … call in UEFA.

They will get off on appeal and just pay their way back in…money talks

Doubtful. Best I think they’ll get is a years ban with the 2nd year suspended

Stupid situation, you could have a team winning the champions league that is banned from the next edition for cheating.:roll_eyes:

See Heineken Cup for reverse …

Does that make their last 2 premier league wins false? :wink:

A hard fought 3 points for the European Champions.

Getting closer and closer now

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5 more wins needed (assuming city keep winning) from 12 games remaining…increadbale season.

If City drop points they can win it at Everton :grimacing::grimacing:

I’d rather win it at Anfield…atmosphere would be insane. I’ll be in Liverpool for the final
Home game v Chelsea in May for trophy lifting day…it’s no Sam but it will do :trophy::sweat_smile:


Fantastic. The likes of it wont be seen again.

Hopefully it’s a great day. My team will never see it​:joy::joy::joy:. For my own mental health having a wife and two kids who are pool fans, I hope you do it earlier rather than later​:joy::joy::joy::rage:

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You can say that again

My Da was living there at the time and used to go often. Passed it on to me. Pity, the current club is unrecognisable from the Highbury days. Though you could say that about most of the big clubs.

A pal of mine who was not much of a football fan ended up playing pool v Alan Sunderland in a pub in Malta . Had not a breeze who he was till someone pointed it out to him.