Premier League 2019/2020

Like the Liverpool game, the only time that Man UTD get a performance these days is when Ole can get an emotional lift from his players. I’d expect a good performance tonight from both sides.

Is there any Scouser’s playing for Everton?

Utd to beat Spurs and then roll over against city at the weekend.

Tom Davies getting a run out these days?

Just looked there and he’s started 6 games and came off the bench in one game in the Premier League so far this season.

Two brilliant assists from Mané

Everton are shocking.

He could be fired by half time the way this is going

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Mané is on fire lately.
Everton would struggle in the championship on this form.

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Adam Llanna has been poor enough and very slow on the ball and getting it caught under his feet.

How many started for Liverpool tonight?

He’s a journeyman, really. Liverpool have moved on a lot since he was signed from Southampton. He really is surplus to requirements, unless you’re playing Everton.

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Alexander Arnold and Davis only 2 scousers that started tonight

TAA substituted now.
Mané should have made it 5-2, could well have had a penalty.
Then, 10 seconds later, Everton should have made it 4-3.
Crazy game.

Ally McCoist is doing assistant commentary on Amazon prime. If he is not a rampant Liverpool fan, then Boris Johnson is a Chinaman. Creaming himself off.

Wjinaldum crowns it off. Vastly underrated player, in my opinion.

Can’t see Silva surviving till the weekend. It won’t be this game that will get him the sack it will be the defeats to Norwich, Villa, Sheffield Utd, all games he should have won. That and his inability to set the team up to defend a set piece.

Never signed a centre half in the summer. They cant defend. Mina and Keane are average and have no back up. Wasted 35m on Owobi. Walcott, another waster, still involved. Must have spent over 100m on strikers too and none of them can score. Richarlyson could be v good but hes lazy. No matter who comes in, they really could go down.

The amount of money he has spent but not a decent striker in the squad. Was it £40 million spent on Iwobi? He would have picked up one or two decent strikers for that money

Snap :sweat_smile:. Shocking waste of money all over that squad. If you get a price on them to go down I’d take it. Liverpool B team gave them a whipping.

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In fairness most of the money was wasted by the previous managers and directors of football. Also sadly there aren’t many good strikers available , they looked for one all summer and ended up settling for Kean (and hoping he develops into a decent striker) and panic buying Iowbi when they couldn’t get the Zaha deal done

In or around 7s/8s

I suppose it’s fair. Watford, Norwich and probably Brighton rightly smaller prices. Burnley and Bournemouth struggling too . Are Everton much better? That defence is dreadful. Morale on the floor too. Might be worth a small wager.