Premier League 2022/2023


Fckit. VAR ya bollix.

Rashford a far better player than I’d ever given him credit


That’s gas, about the showbands. I’d be on their side to be honest, much better to be at a live music event, however bland it was, than addicted to English soccer teams on the gogglebox.

Interesting about following generations being Brexiteers. Wonder what the main reasons were? Believing the newer immigrants and especially Africans & Asians are taking their jobs and dragging their country down?
Trying harder to prove what dedicated citizens they are? Sweeteners from some of their local Tories?
Going against newer immigrants is nothing new for older immigrants and probably more so next generation. Same thing happened in US, and other places I’m sure.


1.9% in Gladgow, 1.4% in Liverpool. Largest ethnic population in both cities are Asian, not including Chinese, Indian, Pakistani, or Bangladeshi. In Liverpool their number is 5.7%, with 1.8% of Chineextraction.

I said Irish heritage, not Irish. I studied and worked in Liverpool. The amount of Irish surnames from folk with Liverpool accents was striking. Often in my day’s work I’d come across more Gaelic/Norse/Norman Irish names than I would English names in Liverpool than I would have in my day’s work in Ireland.
After Irish, the place was full of Welsh heritage/ancestry folk too.
Of course real Irish and Welsh too.
Liverpool has a very old Chinese heritage population. A lot of them don’t look in the slightest way east Asian, but have the surname of some distant Chinese ancestor.
Another thing you will notice over here in England, the children of Irish, Welsh, French, Polish, Italians get called English. The children of Indians, Pakistani, Bengali, Sri Lankan get called Asian.

I notice a lot of West Indians (Caribbean) have a similar fight the man attitude that the Irish do, or at least both do as part of their image. While their children can be a bit like those sons of Irish folk.
There is a Nigerian girl at work who likes Johnson and votes Conservative. I just get frustrated trying to reason with her over it.

Rashford in serious form. Great to see as he comes across as nothing but a sound lad. Deserves the success.


United played a nice brand of football again tonight. Great show after the disappointment of Sunday.


No doubt United have improved under Ten Hag but I read somewhere that they still only have the same amount of points in the League than they had at this stage last season, which surprised me.

I suppose most of the other big clubs, bar Arsenal, are dropping more points than in previous seasons.

Much better in an attacking sense . No comparison

Defensively still a few signings needed

A good few years ago, I was over in Liverpool for a long weekend, one of the evenings we decided to go to the casino. As the norm in casinos, the place was full of Chinese/Asian people, but the difference to other casinos was they all had huge scouse accents. It was one of the funniest/weirdest things I have ever heard


I absolutely love a person of different ethnicity with a big Dub accent , I was watching a program recently and there was an Asian looking lady with the roughest toughest Scottish brogue , brilliant
My lads tell such thoughts are borderline racist , I dunno, maybe

It’s definitely not racist, it’s a simple observation from a different generation, as is/was mine in the chinese scouse dude. It is obviously becoming more common, but even for people of my age, there was a chinese girl in my school all the way through and she still had a part chinese accent

It’s not remotely racist at all but if you said that publicly in a global company or a school setting you’d probably be fired

World gone mad . Kids identifying as cats . What’s next


Agreed, or perhaps we are all just not woke enough for this Generation Z!

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What’s that, now?