Premier League 2022/2023

Michael Owen said something similar about L’pool under Roy Evans

They could beat any team - but any team could beat them.


That’s it, the inconsistency is baffling

Apart from yesterday and last Saturday ?

I’m confident they’ll get them, though not necessarily all this season.


United catchable now for 3rd. A few teams could still be in the mix for top 4.

United could certainly catch ManU, what with their new mega-rich owners, and a couple of games in hand

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Everton pal of mine in Atlanta wears an Everton Blue T-Shirt with the slogan, " I’d rather walk alone."
across the front. He made it himself. LMBO when I first saw it because there’s no mention of Everton anywhere on the shirt.


Are you sure it didn’t read “I’d rather wank alone”?

Liverpool very inconsistent this season. Real Madrid first 20mins, United game in 2nd half…sublime. It’s like dying sparks of a once great side. Too many poor performances though…we probably should have seen the Bournemouth result coming.

The rebuild will be interesting to watch. FSG will need to splash the cash this summer on a few signings.

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Different strokes for different folks.


Sacked on Saint Patrick’s Day and all


I love the statement by the Chairman Steve Parish, I hold him in the highest regard. I assume that’s why he sacked him.

Already the 2 gobshites Gerrard & Lampard are been linked


Steve Coppell must be due back there soon.


You rang m’lord?


1 win in 13 premiership,that will get ya sacked alright.

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Paddy looking after the first side against Arsenal on Sunday.

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Keeping it ticking over for Roy Hodgson.


Gwan Paddy! Gwan Malachys!

Played with Monica’s, too. I am sure he was probably told a few times by some within Monica’s too pack the soccer in, that he’d never make a living out of it.

Late equaliser for Everton at Chelski. First Prem Lg goal for yer man