Premier League 2022/2023

Fernandez did it 2 weeks ago and nothing was done, it’s the inconsistency that wrecks your head.

Roy is back … it seems


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Woy not?

A stunningly unimaginative appointment.


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A stunningly unimaginative appointment.

Could be catching Spurs to appoint Poch if pundits to be believed

At least they’d be fun to watch again.

Good article . Mancini right about street football

Why you’d want to play football on the street when you can take selfies on tick tock …

Someone obviously doesn’t know what TikTok is

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Just discovered that england are playing in Naples on Thursday, that’ll be tasty, you’d imagine a good few england fans will travel over.

A good read on refs/var:

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And I’m very comfortable with that

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Especially Naples which is a kip

I think the street football thing is overstated. Germany had a similar issue years ago and fixed it with a cap. Im not sure if they still have it. It’s a want to have the best league in the world creation.

Johnny Giles and Liam Brady very much in the Street league theory , both have stated numerous times playing in enclosed spaces for multiple hours sharpened their touch

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Im sure in that context it did, but modern players have huge amounts of contact hours in England whereas years ago acadamies and youth investment wasn’t comparable. The idea that playing on a street is key is flawed imo, but it’s certainly better than nothing if there is no alternative. I can see how playing with no rules will make a player tougher but not convinced on the skill aspect.


If it was a decade of the rosary would they allow this

Street football or what Giles or Brady talk about has been finished for years. Was dying out even when I was a kid. Reality is cheaper to bring over the player from Brazil or Argentina who played 60 70 games in their domestic league and those leagues have very few foreign players. Europe is where the money is.

I see Leverkusen beat Bayern Munich at the weekend. Leverkusen only won two of their first 12 league games this season but have done much better since. Up to eighth in the Bundesliga and into the last eight of the Europa League.
Xabi Alonso must be on Liverpool’s radar as a successor to Klopp?