Premier League 2022/2023

Not strictly gambling but I was reading earlier that Dr quirkeys in town was fiddled to the time of almost 2 million, madness.

Some read


Manchester United hit Mason Mount obstacle as Chelsea name price

Citeh not interested. That tells you all you need to know.

He was a good minor …


Overpriced like most English players unfortunately

25-30m would be about right

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The amount of times he got himself out of jail with bets and then blew the lot again… insane. Just goes to show how strong the addiction can be


From my experiences of people with gambling addictions, it was not the amount of money you would potentially win, it was the thrill of getting one over on the bookies, more often than not.

There is also no such thing as ‘someone who can afford to gamble’ as was suggested re Toney. If you are addicted and earn €500 per week you’ll blow that. Similarly €50,000. Bigger stakes, bigger wins, bigger buzz. Same devastating outcome regardless.

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I gamble occasionally. I’d imagine the vast majority who gamble are the same. Ive never out more than €20 on a horse or game. The house never loses. Should gambling be banned outright? I don’t think so. I do think it should be banned from sports advertising though.

Where I’m living, gambling is very regulated. You can’t open any form of betting shops but they have casinos but are few and far between. Certainly not as prevalent, common or as problematic as it is back home.
Think Ireland also recently brought in a law preventing credit cards being used online tho.

Coventry or Luton today, hope Coventry do it , Mark Robbins has done a savage job there, could join a very small group of managers who will have gained promotion to Div 2 Div 1 Championship and hopefully Premiership
Play off final normally a good game

Luton 1-0 up , should be more

Pretty sure pay safe is a way around the credit card issue.

Don’t agree at all .

No comparison in Toney situation and another who owes 100k on a 60k salary with 2 kids to feed

Unless toneys borrowing money off friends and family to gamble I can’t see the comparison beyond the addiction itself

Toney will still retire a rich man .

Brilliant penos up until the last. Felt for the lad doing the Roberto Baggio at the end.

Great to see Tom Lockyer seems to be not as bad as feared.

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Yes. People with gambling addictions end up rich men.

People with gambling addictions keep going until everything is gone. Do you think he’ll get to £1m left and say ‘right - that’s it. I’m finished gambling. I want to stay rich.’ :roll_eyes:

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I haven’t seen any discourse he’s struggling financially at all .

I hope he gets the helps he needs though as his rise from lower leagues is a great story

No hopefully he isn’t and cops on. But if he has an addiction it will only go one way if he doesn’t get help.

Strong West Ham team out.

Goal Everton . Currently staying up