Premier League 2022/2023

He was awful, worst player on the pitch

Misread your message. Dont think its a risk worth taking to change his position, given his output from his RB

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I think MF is also a problem…too many older players. Thiago is class but think another creative midfielder is needed. Henderson hot the post in the last minute I heard but probably not the player you want on the end of that ball :see_no_evil:

Bazunu tough day

4-1 down

The problem with Liverpool which I referred to last season

The midfield 3 are past it . Henderson and Thiago

Both are slower on the turn then Joe Mc Nally now. Fabinho still a good player but Elliott should start again

Firmino done unfortunately. Liverpool need another midfielder in my view

TAA is what it is . Just have to take the rough with the smooth . He creates so much it’s worth the risk


United moving well ….

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Time for Utd to get rid of Ole and give it to Giggsy until the end of the season.


Can’t get over how poor the United full backs are

Brighton robbed of a penalty as well

As the young lad said, any team with McTominay, Fred and Maguire in the first XI is going nowhere.

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Haven’t backed the manager though . Left him with the same mess as Rangnick and expecting different results

new season same shite from united. mcfred robbing a living as professional footballers!

The naag off to a great start.

A new era me hole

if KDB and haaland stay fit for most/all of the season it’s hard to see anyone stopping them in the PL.

Class player . Surprised anyone doubted him

Will score 30-35 goals in his sleep this year

Citys to lose and Liverpool already 2 points down

United …. Not sure where one starts

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To quote Anthony Daly, assemble a team at the Red Cow

Same old failings, could not take any positives from that game at all.

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You writing Liverpool off after one game? Jesus man a long way to go yet. It’s the age of knee jerk reactions.

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Didn’t write them off . Just said City with Haaland are some outfit

The second goal was wonderful in its simplicity. Haaland is not simply a gangly nuisance in the 6 yard box. He makes really intelligent runs and has pace. KdB loading the gun. Could be a good season.

83 Fantasy points first week! :+1: