Premier League 2022/2023

Another Liverpool peno.

Liverpool 2
Chelsea 1
87 mins

Liverpool beat Chelsea 2-1 coming from behind. Big surprise with City and Chelsea (who won their previous 9 League matches in a row) both losing on the opening day. Liverpool newly promoted this year.

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16 points on the bench for me this week in Fantasy Football. :confounded: Tyrone Mings, 9 points.

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Was in the local and they had that match on. Looked a v bad injury. Im no wimmins football expert but shes the girl from Cavan who played for Shels? Couldn’t believe Sky showed the injury so many times, they usually censor likes of that.

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Ha - results wise spurs are doing well - but performances can be better. The improvement in set pieces is a massive reason spurs are unbeaten in the league

73 on a free hit this week! Saliba , Foden, Haaland, KDB, Kulusevski, Isak. :muscle:

69 points and i forgot to make any changes

Dont understand how it is allowed

You’re too old for that craic

Young lad roped me into it! :joy:

He does all the grafting.

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I know she played for West Ham, not sure about Shels. She is from Bailieborough, County Cavan alright. She was one of Liverpool’s top scorers last season, before they got promoted. That leg looks pretty bad the way she was dragging it as they carried her off.

Are you a woman?

Got the ball first!

Early in the season to push the button

Aye but I was missing 4 cos of the call offs. Scored heavily so feck it - it worked out.

Huh! Where did that comment come from?

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Strange start to the season. Only team of note Arsenal played was Man Utd, and they lost. Only team of note Spurs played was Chelsea, and they drew, only team of note City played was…em…West Ham.

They’re all going well, in terms of results at least, if not always performances. But they’ve all had unusually handy early runs of games.

They are skint and it’ll cost them 10 million to sack him