Premier League 2023-24

Now that Sky Sports have been kind enough to tell us that the transfer window is open, we might as well discuss the new season.

Big seasons ahead for Man United Liverpool and Newcastle.

Expect Man city to win again , Arsenal to not have as good a season with the CL in mind.

Will see what happens at Spurs with Big Ange - moving back to a pressing game would make our strikers the focal point again , instead of defensive counter attacking play.

Chelsea will improve , however Poch hasnt a great record in signing players - similar ( but way better) to rodgers in that way. Needs to sign a striker for them.

Luton/Sheff united and Notts Forrest to go down

Fixtures out tomorrow too so we can all see where City will win the league this time :rofl:

Wherever they’re playing at the start of March. :wink:

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Classic clickbait.

2 right out of 10 they done well.

Better than they expected :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

But they probably got hundreds of thousands of clicks for a piece of fabricated bullshit.

You couldn’t resist could ya :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

As a newcastle fan, I think next season may be a struggle with the extra European games. However, I don’t think it’s super important to qualify for the Champions league again.

Howe has probably bought himself another 18 months in the job after a great season but well ahead of schedule for the new owners. They haven’t rushed things and it has worked out so far, another cup run would be nice.

I think Bournemouth, Forest and Brentford (no Toney for six months) of the non-promoted teams may struggle to simply score enough goals.

Hopefully Evan Ferguson takes another step up this season, he should be aiming for 12-15 goals or thereabouts. Again, European football may make things considerably harder for Brighton.

City to win again as nobody really seems close tbh.

Martin Tyler leaving Sky Sports before the start of the new season.

Someone tell Virgin TV …… he’d be a vast improvement on the present waffler

Ruben Neves off to the Saudi league, he s not an old stager looking for the last big payday.

Replaced by Peter Drury. Massive upgrade

I have posted about this before in the now-locked 2022-23 PL season thread.

Fair play to Souness at his age. He was a tough MF as a player, never shirked any responsibility. I know he would have ruffled the feathers of lots of people with a liking for Celtic, me included, but he has shown the heart and courage of a lion in pursuing this cause.


Ridiculous money.

Saw him interviewed on BBC about the swim and the reason he’s doing it.

Not a fan of his but credit where it’s due, it’s a huge undertaking for a guy who in the past has had heart surgery…… if you’ll pardon the pun, “his heart is in the right place” :clap::clap::clap:


He was very emotional in the interview.

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The fcuking head on him… he’d make McGregor look respectable…

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