Programme from Saturday evenings matches in Croke Park (11/02/2017)


I brought my Son to Croke Park for the first time last Saturday evening. I didn’t see any programmes on sale anywhere. Does anybody know where I can get one? I’d really like it as a souvenir for him.

I have emailed the county board and they said there were no returns.

Thanks in advance.

DBA Publications in Blackrock are the printers of the programmes.

Their FB account is & Twitter is

Contact them as they might have some or someone here may have one they do not want.


Thanks for the response whatever.

I contacted DBA Publications on Monday and they told me that Saturday’s programme was handled by the Dublin County Board and told me to get in touch with them. I got a reply from the county board saying there were no returns but they’d look to see if they had any somewhere.


PM me your address and I’ll post mine to you. There’s a crease down the middle from putting in me pocket but you’re more than welcome to it.


Fair play @Dermo

I had asked a Croke Park Steward who stewards the Árd Chomhairle to see if there is any spares. Let me know if you need me to follow that up.


Indeed, mate of mine.

Sound bloke!

I have one spare if you don’t get sorted. I have one from me own kid’s first game and it means a lot.

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Thanks @Dermo and @whatever

I have been PM’ed with an offer of a programme, so looks like I may be sorted !

If it doesn’t work out for whatever reason @Dermo I’ll be in touch.

Thanks again!

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Available here if all falls through

No problems @bzee I’ll keep it safe just in case. Main thing is you’ll be sorted either way

Just to update you @Dermo, @whatever and @dub_in_exile

Received the programme in the post today courtesy of @BlueWheels

Thanks all!


Well done BW … daycent Leeds fan!

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Great to see!

Hope he enjoyed the program as a souvenir.

I have programmes from AI days lurking away somewhere in the attic.

I had to store my Dublin All Ireland winning programmes outside the house. They were taking up too much room …


I’d a feeling some smart arse would bring that up…!

It’s quality, not quantity as I always say.