Protective Chest Plate for Goalkeepers

Hi. Is there any rule to stop a hurling goalkeeper adding extra protective gear. Such as a chest plate.

Or could they even put on all the gear that a hockey goalkeeper wears. Hockey goalie

In short, players must wear helmets. No rule saying they cannot wear extra padding, chest plates. Some keepers use a cup protector.

For the drinks break?

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Pre and post hydration very important.

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I think hockey goalie is too far, but perhaps something akin to baseball catchers stuff (a little lighter perhaps)…not a bad shout…

I know it goes against the bravado of the sport etc, but so did helmets etc once…I have some football goalie underarmour for playing on astro/hardground that has a small amount of elbow and hip padding. Does the job tbf…

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ROC Protection, Dublin Company, designed for Hurling & Camogie.


Makes sense, looks well designed too

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Young Cuala keeper Cormac Spain & his mates designed that.


Looks like it’s well designed, good idea really.