Provincial/All-Ireland Club Football Championships 2017/18

Donegal SFC final sounded like a classic, given the final score.

Any teams to look out for? I reckon Moorefield will be decent enough in Leinster.

Yes Kilcar and Naomh Conaill managed two points between them in the second half. According to the Irish Times, both teams played 15 men behind the ball. Thanks Jim. Your legend lives on.

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Listened to Moorefields game yesterday, they played 40 minutes with 13 men, Celbridge had a decent team on paper, but Moorefield seemed to be very strong defensively and had good free takers, only going by the radio. Don’t know if the two striaght reds carry over to the Leinster champo.

Usually, almost tradition at this stage the Kildare & Meath County Champions absolutely flop in Leinster as they hit the beer non stop for 2 months.

Standard is very poor imo. Saw a couple of QFs and fitness and skill levels about Dublin Inter level.

Was walking into the Nell on Saturday and two big Donegal lads with shiney new coats were walking alongside me - could have been part of new management. Anyway I did ask them were they here to see a bit of football played. They laughed.

Ps Examiner’s county GAA coverage - and sport generally - is excellent.

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No. Suspended for next round in their county championship - next year…

Huge congrats to our regular Armagh contributor here, who witnessed his life long club jump out of the shadows last week. Armagh Harps won the title, and he’s probably too busy celebrating to come onto ressers, but I was expecting a comment by now! Come on fella, let’s be having ya!


Thanks my friend. :sunglasses:

I had always dreamed when this happened (our previous victories occurred long before social media and the internet - sure I was playing) that I would start a thread here, but on reflection…I wised up.

Yes, bridged a 26 year gap to win our 21st Armagh Senior Title, defeating 2016 Champions Maghery in the final. Utterly elated - very emotional occasion, but we got there.

Didn’t look too good at half time, but the game swung early in the second half when we scored two goals in a minute..

It was still tight enough until the final whistle and we were indebted to a brilliant Paddy Morrison save in injury time which actually looks better from behind the nets.

We now play Fermanagh Champions Derrygonnelly Harps in the Ulster Club Champioship.


Best of luck in the Ulster Club Championship, Rufus. Are the lads well grounded or have they gone on a sesh or two (and who could blame them, if they have?)?

… and while you’re at it… you must have an appearance in this, so?


Thanks mate. They went on the rip ok, but there was a players’ meeting on Thursday and they vowed to give it a rattle. Match is Saturday night week in Enniskillen.

Aye - I’m in there. Like manys a bad footballer, I was the keeper. Long time ago.

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ah… so a real appreciation for that injury time save last Sunday?

Good videos.

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Thanks Beeko. I am very biased, but I thought his save was sensational!

Should have added, our full forward Ultan Lennon got MOTM but for me the star of the show was Charlie Vernon who was simply an irresistable force in the second half.

It was a great save, in fairness. Was their much injury time after the save? Enough for an equalising point?

Another two minutes!! My heart couldn’t have taken it!! :face_with_thermometer:

Ah it’s easy … you just knock the ball around among yourselves for a couple of minutes … easy …


Yeah, and sure play it to your 'keeper across your own goal too… I get palpitations remembering it!

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Cillian O’Connor sent off in the Mayo SFC final today (how ironic), Ballintubber losing out by 2 points to three-in-a-row Champions, Castelbar Mitchell’s.
Time to split Castlebar in two.

He was sent off last week too

Again!! I was just about to say that!!