Provincial and All Ireland Club Championship 2019

Is there any venue for Cuala and St.Mullins also any word on whether TG4 are showing it?

Match in Doc Cullen park I think.

Tg4 showing cork football and Kilkenny hurling finals.

Busy weekend for Cuala if they make the Senior B Football final.

Match is Sunday week no?

Apols. Con and other dual stars going to have to choose??

I was told today that the Cuala match is on Sunday week 3rd November, @ 2pm in Netwatch Park Carlow… The fact it is put on at 2pm may be for TV, only a guess?

it is, sorry, getting my weekends in a muddle!

You’re right though if Cuala get to sen b Final it’s scheduled to throw in exact same time as Leinster QF. This leaves Colum and and John Sheanon and of course king con needing to clone themselves

Presume Senior B Final might get changed.

Cuala out of the football.
Posted on the other thread; Cuala hurlers are too light for winter hurling. Mullins, with their County lads and Farmers, will be too strong in the physical stakes.
CUALA will be reliant on their guile and a sympathetic ref. But Dub teams find such Culchie refs a rare breed.

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Cuala hurlers won back to back leinsters in 16 and 17 during the winter

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Big worry is Con’s fitness. I wonder did the hurling management have any say in his non football appearance today.

To be fair its 6 days since he suffered a supposed dead leg so another week might be enough


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KK game should be interesting, any chance of a shock? Any KK natives on this thread.

Highly unlikely to be a shock, Tyrell at #3 and Larkin at #6 for the Village in recent games is a very immobile defensive spine. TJ will cause Larkin nightmares and Fennelly will be too strong for an aging Tyrell, the rest will take care of itself. Ballyhale vs Cuala is a mouth watering prospect but I would view Ballyhale as massive favourites for Leinster already.

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Balyhale looking strong in kk final

They also look much bigger than the Village, all over the pitch.

Some big men for sure, not least the Fennellys and tj.