Seriously mods - what is the problem with a few puns in a thread? They are completely harmless and it seems a lot of posters enjoy them judging by the interaction.

Why keep deleting them?

So it’s ok to get personal here and call people names but it’s not ok have a bit of craic with puns?

On an otherwise good site I can’t understand the constant deletions. Very off putting.


Wasnt aware of this happening recently? i think the idea is to clear up the thread, after the pun fest, so it is easier to read for people who come to the thread later on. Sorry if you find it off putting.

Why the need to try and turn every thread into a pun fest ?

They aren’t funny and ruin good threads.

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I find endless discussion of things like black cards and season tickets to be mind-numbing. It would be great if these were either cut off at some point when they take over a thread (Paths of the Dead) or given their own thread.

Anyway I think this should be the offishul pun thread, everything has to have it’s plaice! :grinning:

In your opinion yeah?

Why who else’s opinions would it be ?


100% agree, up there with Aido’s Diary.


Yis are all just jealous cause yis are no good at them :stuck_out_tongue:

They usually are in their own thread and if not it’s usually people looking for info not trying to turn every thread into a pun.

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The black card (blackguard?) debate has gone round & round in ever decreasing circles, and most of it in the two main football threads. How about having a ‘rules etc’ discussion thread? Commenting on an event in a game is one thing but an endless debate about what constitutes this or that and the whole rule-book recited is not the threads discussion.

“Turning every thread into a pun” is gross exaggeration, it’s only a few and often the pun is just part of a post, so it’s embellishment which makes the post more entertaining for those that enjoy the puns. Just as some people enjoy endlessly arguing about black cards etc. Just because one is “a serius debate about the game of football/refereeing, loike, y’know”, and the other involves trying to give people a laugh, well, maybe moderation of same requires a balance of seriousness and humour too.

It’s time yis cottoned on to fair moderation of threads!

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In fairness the black card takes up most conversations around the country and is mentioned numerous times on the Sunday Game each week.

When there’s one or two puns it’s fine but when there’s a tonne or two of them they just aren’t funny and ruin threads.

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Agree to disagree. It’s all a matter of taste. Black card-type debates bore me senseless, and spoil threads too if we are using that perspective but I’m all for live & let live so the only reason I brought it up is because of the punners getting targetted. Lots of people all round the country also enjoy/engage in the art of pun-banter, on a regular basis. I like mine by the punnet.


You’re giving out about one of the hottest topics the whole country have which happens at all games on a GAA forum but want to allow puns to ruin threads.

In the words of a past Resser hmmmm ok then let’s agree to disagree.

Dublin is known throughout the globe for the wit of its citizens. It’s what makes us as bloody fabulous as we are & it’s what sets Ressers apart from those cesspools of nastiness & inbreeding, like the PROC & Hogan Stand.

Shine on all you batshit crazy, funny as fcuk, diamonds !


Not that my opinion counts (who’s does, eh?)

Here’s my two cents. Puns were, and always will be a part of the ‘great Dublin wit’ and while somebody or a collective may not get them as funny, does that make it ok to edit or delete these inoffensive messages? Well that’s not up to me, but what I will say is while I may disagree with some of the moderators on this, I respect their decision. I was once that soldier, and you know the whole walk a mile in another man’s shoes etc etc.

By signing up to this site, I agree to abide by the rules, and that agreement is binding. That said, a user’s forum where there can be contributions to the site formatting etc could be useful. A town hall, so to speak!

Finally, I find the deleting of posts, without explanation, the most infuriating. It happened in my previous life on the old site a few times. Boiled my blood! Democracy is the route of my favour, as opposed to autocracy. Especially unexplained autocratic meddling!

As I said, just my 2 cents! I’m just back from a camping holiday, where I was banned from using puns by my wife… No pun intented.


Excellent post Mr 'Mun. It’s good to see you pissing out of the tent, as opposed to into it. Agree especially about the deleted posts. If they are going to be deleted, delete them in their entirety. Leaving a post up, but saying that the content has been deleted, just makes me wonder what I missed…a painfully bad series of puns, or a juicy debate? It’s more of a distraction than the puns themselves.

And as Dub09 said, personal attacks seem to be ok (especially in the hurling threads) as they generally go unmoderated, but harmless puns aren’t?

It does not compute, Captain - as Mr Spock was wont to say.

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But I bet you were loitering within tent …

Fair enough - so we have four people not liking puns or Aido’s diary - but a lot more likes on the posts themselves.

Surprised that an Admin would dislike something that is obviously quite popular on the site.

It’s good to have a bit of craic here as well as some serious discussion but it’s not University Challenge either …

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There’s comedy and wit and then there’s some people trying to get a pun in at every oppportunity possible. No problem with the odd one but 20 in a row is OTT.

As for Aido’s diary, what’s my personal taste and humour got to do with being an admin on this site. I just don’t find them funny a bit like Rory’s stories.

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